20 Turban Hijabs Styles this 2023

Published on January 09, 2023

Needless to say, with the evolving times, Hijab has become a global fashion icon apart from being a symbol of modesty. Many fashion designers and celebrities sport hijab proudly regardless they are Islamic or not. Every region offers their respective hijab styles that have become a raging sensation globally. One such style is Turban hijab. Here are 20 Turban hijabs styles this 2023.

Latest turban hijab styles

An addition to the world of hijabs, inspired by the Indian culture, Turban hijabs are quite popular and are still trending this 2020. In earlier times, men use to wear turbans made of several yards of fabric, but gradually it moved towards women who wear the same thing as a hijab but with a lot of variety and classy touch. This type of hijab can be worn at any party or family event in a stylish manner so that you can stay modest while looking trending and chic.

Turban hijabs also have a rich history. Worn by prominent religious leaders, it is also considered a symbol of nobility. Apart from Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs also wear turbans. What's interesting is that it has become a trend in the fashion industry as well with many models wearing turbans at fashion shows. This was definitely a breakthrough for modest fashion.

Before we move on to turban hijab style, here are few do's and dont's for you to know.

  • When you choose a turban hijab style, go for the one that suits your face as there are many styles to try.
  • Try different prints and colors in underscarves to style your turban hijab looks.
  • Opt for fabrics that stay secured on your head. This will also help you avoid lots of pins that can ruin your turban fabric.
  • Don't wear the same turban hijab every time. Experiment with your looks.
  • Avoid wearing turban hijab that slips such as chiffon or silk without an underscarf.
  • While some people reveal their hair at the front while wearing a turban hijab, some choose to cover them. It's certainly a personal choice and we should not be judgmental about it.

Styles for brides

The numero uno is this bridal turban hijab that simply looks gorgeous. The use of ruffles to cover the neck delivers a gorgeous effect for the bride.

Turban hijab with a brooch

Second, on the line is the solid nude-shade turban hijab that comes with a brooch which adds a sense of style and sophistication. As they say, "less is more", this makes your headgear look even more attractive.

Polka dotted hijab

Fantastic wear for a cool, casual office look, this polka-dotted turban hijab is perfect for girls who wear glasses daily. It won't make your glasses look awkward in the hijab as some of the common hijab styles do that. You can use cotton or chiffon material for this style or just anything you are comfortable with to wrap around your head. Here is an extra hint. Apply a thick eyeliner.

Beaded Turban hijab

If you love making a smashing entry, then this is a great way. Check out this extravagant hijab that comes with heavy-duty beads or embroidered scarves to style your turban hijab. Be it a dress up for a party or any event, this is a stunning look to go for.

Velvet hijab for winters

Get cozy this winter with this soft and mushy velvet hijab that offers good warmth and coziness. Not to mention they look great.

Silk Hijab

Silk is one of the reliable fabrics when it comes to formal events. Silk scarves can also be used as turban hijabs but make sure to wear an under cap beneath the silk scarf to keep it secured. Using two layers of different fabrics not only looks unique but also feels great. In this image, a silk scarf is used for hijab whereas a net beading scarf is used to go on top of the silk.

Hijab and a Hat

For a street style look, this turban hijab with a hat is undoubtedly a game-changer.

Twisted side braid hijab

A casual as well as easy turban hijab style, this is a great option for schools. It will look great with jeans paired with a fancy or floral blouse.

A bun braid at the back

Keep it simple in the front and make a braid at the side of the face. Wrap around the bun as shown in the picture.

Bun shaped turban hijab

For a chic, casual look, create a bun with your hijab on the top of your head. This is one of the popular and top hijab styles.

Side knotted turban hijab

Another among the best hijab styles is this turban hijab with a side knot. For a free-spirited woman that you are, it doesn't get better than this.

Twist knots for women with the long face shape

Wrap your hijab around your head. Now knot the two ends together on one side by creating several knots to give it a twisted side-band look. This style is best suited for formal occasions. All you now need is a brooch which you can pin it at the end or the start of the knots or in the middle of them. The brooch enhances your whole look giving it a formal as well stylish look.

Turban hijab style for African women

Pair a simple scarf with embellishments to give it a quirky and funky touch. Try using two-colored turbans by wearing an underscarf. For instance, if your dress is blue and black, add contrast by wearing a black underscarf and a neon yellow colored hijab on top. Add a head chain for the Arabic look.

Turban hijab style for teenagers

This is an excellent style for teenage girls. The bow detail at the front of the hijab is sheer perfection. However, note that this is not restricted for teenagers. Even adult women who want to flaunt a cute, stylish look can try this look.

Animal printed turban hijab style

Animal prints look simply great on all kinds of garments and accessories. Similarly, an animal print turban hijab looks bold, confident and simply stylish. This cheetah print turban hijab is perfection for a fun night with friends. Pair them with solid attire to highlight the hijab.

Karaca Turban hijab

Going out for a party? Want to try out a new hijab style? Take a look at this Karaca Turban hijab style that is trending this 2020 and relish how your friends praise your hijab style. Notice how glamorous this wearer looks with her white palazzo pants and Karaca turban hijab.

Turkish hijab style for round-faced ladies

This is an excellent Turkish hijab style for women with a round face.

Retro-styled turban hijab

Go back to the retro 70s era where hair band scarf was used to cover the head for hijab. Leave both the loose ends on one shoulder. Try this retro-style next time for your 70s college theme party paired with a button-down shirt and palazzo pants.

Mirror detailed hijab

This is an excellent ethnic-styled turban hijab that looks nice and stylish for a fun day out. The embroidery and mirror work delivers a fusion of fashion between the conventional and the contemporary.

Sikh Turban Hijab style

Though the identity of the Sikh community, it is rare that you come across a Sikh man who doesn't wear a similar turban. Inspired by the Sikh culture, this is one of the mainstream turban hijab styles which women love to wear.

Final thoughts

Now that you are aware of different turban hijab styles, pick the ones you love and flaunt your amazing style every day.

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