Top 7 Velvet Abaya Styles and How to Wear them

Published on December 19, 2022

Velvet Abayas have become a sensation in Winter 2019 and are trending this year as well. If you are considering velvet Abayas and wondering how it will work for you, then here are top 7 Velvet Abaya styles and ideas on how to wear them in winter.

Hijabs and Abayas are mandatory attire for Islamic women. However, in recent times, Abaya style has become very much popular and iconic fashion attire. There are various Abaya styles available online in chic and fancy designs that both hijabis and non-hijabis love alike.

Dolce and Gabbana added a whole new line of Abayas in 2016 which was a sensational hit. The ever-involving change in Abaya styles deemed it fit to be worn in any outdoor or indoor events including evening parties, weddings, or any special occasions. The new trend undoubtedly is the velvet Abayas. Mariam Mohammad, a Kuwaiti fashion diva proudly shows off her long velvet coats with abayas that looks stylish and modest to wear at any occasion.

Trending Velvet Abaya styles and designs

Before you run off and buy Velvet Abayas online, check out these tips below.

Abayas are the epitome of modest fashion. Floor-length Abayas, Frock styles, gowns, maxi style, and front open abaya styles are few of the many options available. Hijabis usually pair Abayas with different accessories such as bangles, bracelets, and chic earrings. Even colorful handbags, chic heels and waist belts enhance your whole outfit and bring out the beauty of you as well as the Abaya. Bear in mind, that the accessories have the pair to make or break your whole look. That said, here are few tips for you to know on how to style your Velvet Abaya.

  • Style different-colored hijabs with your Abayas that will add a dash of color to your outfit.
  • Use a waist belt that will make the velvet Abaya look perfect for any occasion.
  • Wear heels that can make even a simple-colored Abaya look stunning and chic.
  • Long or round earrings, loops enhance your look and gives your Abaya a charm.
  • Use contrasting shades of handbags also heightens your Abaya look.
  • Wear Front-open style Abayas as a layer to other outfits like a long dress.
  • Many fashionistas switch Velvet Abayas with Velvet long coats for a trendy yet modest look.
  • Try wearing front-open Velvet Abayas with flared pants and a tucked-in shirt.
  • The best part of Velvet abayas is they can be worn as daily wear for work or shopping.

Different Velvet Abaya styles

Abayas have been worn by Islamic women as a symbol of modesty and respecting their religion. Nevertheless, changes in fashion transformed Abayas into a variety of styles. Abayas are made of different fabrics and in different designs. In recent times, women love wearing silk and velvet Abayas as dresses and kimonos over their outfits that makethem look chic and fashionable.

Embroidered Velvet Abaya

Embroidered velvet abayas are a fantastic choice for any winter wedding or special occasions. While embroidered front-open Abaya is undoubtedly a good choice, a full-piece embroidered velvet dress can be worn for get-togethers, weddings etc. as they are stylish, modest and blingy. The best part is you can wear embroidered velvet Abaya with hijab (if you are religious) or without hijab (if you are non-religious).

Always invest in the right Abaya styles for the approaching winter. Add different colors, fashion and charm to your daily wear which includes your winter wardrobe. Accessories such as heels, handbags, earrings, bangles and even neckpieces help you to dress up or dress down the velvet abayas at your discretion.

Front Open Velvet Abayas

As mentioned above, Front-open Velvet Abayas are quite popular as it offers you the liberty to wear it as a long coat or kimono over other outfits. Even if you are a non-hijabi, you can try velvet Abayas and wear it with jeans and a shirt that is sure to "up" your fashion level. It is the perfect wear for office, formal events or any quick brunch with friends.

Daily Velvet Abaya Style

Velvet abayas are undoubtedly a style you would love to wear every day, and why not? A warmer fabric, it is the perfect element for winter wear. A fashionable investment in your wardrobe, it is a must-have for ladies who reside in colder countries. Go for a plain, basic black velvet Abaya, unlike the fancy ones that can be worn for daily walks or outings when you don't feel like dressing up too much.

Abayas with Laces

Best suited for winter weddings, these gorgeous velvet abayas with pretty laces on the sleeves and bottom are a must-have in your wardrobe collection. You can wear these abayas over a dress as a front-open kimono. You can also tie it around your waist for any other special occasions. What makes these abayas a rob is the pretty laces and the pretty pink shade that add a whole new face to the Abaya shades. It carries so much power that it can transform even a dull dress to elegant attire.

Pair it with the necessary accessories and shoes as per the occasion. Note that make up plays a vital role in making an outfit look chic and gorgeous.

Frock Velvet Abaya style

Another way to wear your Abaya is frock style. As seen in the picture, it looks like a dress but is designed in such a manner to resemble a long floor-length frock style. Embedded with pearls, it looks gorgeous and is the perfect fit as a party dress.This velvet frock style abaya is best suited for parties, weddings or any special occasions. And with the right kind of accessories in bright colors, you are creating your style statement. Printed or embroidered abayas are an excellent choice for outdoor events. The best part is hijabis and non-hijabis can flaunt this velvet frock styled abaya with modesty and confidence.

Long coat Abaya

Velvet Abayas are worn as dresses and long coats by many women including non-hijabis.That's right. This modest fashion is adopted by many non-religious women who love wearing Abaya. That said, street style fashion bloggers love this style of wearing velvet fabric abayas who even add a waist belt for a trendy look.

Non-hijabis wear the abayas as a wrap-around coat that resembles a stylish winter dress suitable with any occasion or daily office wear.

Various colors of Abayas

There are different colors of velvet Abayas available online. Wear it as it is or add it over a loose fitted dress to cover the body perfectly and you will still look fashionable. The velvet element adds charisma to your look and makes it appropriate wear for any special events and occasions. Just make sure that you choose the right kind of accessories and hijab style that will add perfection to your attire.

We hope you loved our velvet Abayas. No more boring outfits. Get a makeover with these amazing abayas.

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