Top 7 ways to wear Hijab without Underscarves

Published on January 02, 2023

In this article, we will look at the top 7 ways to wear hijab without underscarves.

At times, we don't feel like wearing an underscarf or under cap with hijab. It might be because their hair is sensitive to the typical underscarf style or probably because the style has become too typical. Either ways, skipping underscarf is okay and you can still wear your hijab with the same ease and elegance. Some people fear that wearing tight inner underscarves can cause hair fall or damage. Nevertheless, you can totally get over these underscarves while keeping with the trend simultaneously.

Easy ways to wear a Hijab without underscarf

At summers, we don't feel like wearing underscarf and a hijab on it. Summers can also cause the hair to get greasy and grow dandruff in the scalp. Play it cool and modest by skipping the underscarf and flaunting your hijab.

Hijab for formal occasions

Luxurious fabrics such as silk or chiffon are designated for special occasions such as weeding or Eid day. Complete the look by embedding them with pearls, brooches or head chains.

Hijab style for brides

Hijab on a bride makes her look even more divine. Many brides wear traditional jewelry such as Matha Patti or a Jhumar to accessorize their hijab while some use different headpieces such as pearls or crystals to highlight their hijab.

Hijab without underscarf or dupatta

You will need a hijab with a good amount of breadth. Make a few layers at the top and drape it over the chest creating neat layers at the bottom of the hijab. This way you can skip both the underscarf as well as the dupatta.

Use dupatta as a hijab

There are moments in life when you may not find the matching dupatta. Dupattas look perfect with an Eastern attire and on formal events such as weddings. Wear dupatta in such a way that it is equal on both sides. Now, put the sides in the opposite direction and tie at the back of your neck. Keep it firm at the top by using straight pins. Make sure that you use a dupatta that is not silky. If you want to highlight your earrings, keep the dupatta bit loose on the neck area.

Styling hair under the hijab

No one wants their hair to get entangled, messy and rough under the hijab. The best way is to make a bun at the top. Apart from the simple bun, you can also make a high ponytail and clip your hair in such a manner that they stay put for long hours without getting tangled. This is a great way to keep your hijab in one place without making you uncomfortable.

Casual hijab style without the scarf

One of the most casual and comfortable styles of hijab is creating a knot or a bow at the front of the neck. A perfect style for long skirts and frocks, try using floral or pastel scarfs to pull off this look. You can add a patterned jacket and sync it with long chains with pendants that will enhance your hijab even more. This hijab style suits well girls with round faces.

Hijabs without pins

It's not always necessary that you need to use pins to secure your hijab in one place. Turban hijab style is one of the best styles that doesn't call the need for pins. Perfect for women of all ages, you simply have to wrap the hijab over your head in such a way that it is equally divided on both sides. Now take the ends and tie them around your neck in the opposite direction. Perfect for offices or a casual day for shopping, Turban hijab styles are trending this 2023.

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