Published on April 16, 2022

Abaya is one of the stylish pieces of modest clothes. Wear Abayas with confidence and you will look like a princess. We offer a gorgeous collection of Abayas from Abayakart. Abayakart offers best and modesty clothes in Abayas, Burqas, and Kimonos, hijabs-scarves-wraps, Caps and mask,kids fashion etc. Abayakart is a wardrobe of full of Abayas, you can wear for special occasions. These tips will help you to maintain the perfect look.

Length of Abayas

To choose the right length and size of Abayas is difficult. Those who wear first time of this garments, they dont know how to select the right material and length and size. Take correct length of shoulder while you select Abayas.

Right Shoes with Abayas

Wearing Abayas becoming increasingly popular, a lot of women what types of shoes to wear with the garment. This is really done to personal dress code. The dress style Abayas have a lot of design collection. Muslim womens wear different models of shoes with abaya.


Abaya are designed to be of loose fit and lengthy dress.Abayas available in 4-6 larger in size than actual body measurements. Its easily to wear go anywhere. Inside of Abayas you can wear maxi dress. While you selecting Abayas measurement of shoulder and length you must check.

Most Islamic womens like to wear Abayas because it is more comfortable. Abaya is fully covered their entire body except eyes.Abayas arrival in different patterns with different materials as you like. So while you choose Abayas you should know about the measurements. Please check the size guide while you selecting Abayas and read carefully their product description while you order Abayas online.

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