8 Common mistakes you should avoid when wearing a Hijab

Published on December 22, 2022

Wearing a Hijab is simple. You won't have "bad hair days" or need to fuss about your outfit. But as Hijabis you very well know the truth that wearing a hijab can be upsetting at times. While you may not have bad hair days, you will have to deal with bad hijab days when nothing you wear will go well. Do you often feel that you are making repeated mistakes? Then, watch out for these 8 common mistakes to avoid when wearing a hijab.

Not wearing an Under scarf

An under scarf helps in accentuating your facial shape and prevent the scarf from slipping or flying away. No matter how much pins you use to keep your hijab in place, your hijab will slip especially if you have silky, smooth hair.

Choosing thin or short scarves

To keep your hijab organized, your hijab must be of good quality. The material, its length, width and density matters. If your scarf is too short or narrow, you will find it difficult to properly cover your hair or go for a good style of your choice. In such instances, it is better to use wide scarves and flowy materials.

Ironing your scarf

Ironing your scarf will make the material much softer and easy for you to exemplify every style. Moreover, the colours will look fresh which will make you look cheerful and classy throughout the day.

Adding unnecessary volume to your hijab

Many hijabis use a scrunchie to add volume to their scarf. Don a ponytail and wrap a piece of material around it. That's all that is needed.

Wearing more than one scarf

Wearing more than one scarf is not just uncomfortable but doesn't look good either. Wear a basic under scarf and a single hijab piece over it. You will look much better.

Selecting the right shades

While we always talk about shades that will work for you, choosing a shade that goes well with your skin tone and delivers a strong impact on your overall look. Many women love light shades as they pull in less warmth and doesn't draw much of an attention. However, don't go for monotone shade hijab. Try bold colours, contrasting shades with different design and pattern that will suit your personality.

Choosing the right hijab fabrics or materials

The material of a hijab plays a crucial role in your hijab as well. Be wary while ordering a hijab online. Lightweight, soft and healthy fabrics such as cotton and silk are best recommended. Why? Because they are not only long-lasting but also hypoallergenic as well. In winter times, you can go with hijabs made using nylon that will keep you warm. Choosing the right fabric makes a lot of difference.

Wide range of choices

There are several hijabs available online that carry multiple levels of features which includes coverage of one's body. The shape of the hijab on the head varies from person to person. Also, some decide to cover their face while some choose to dress modestly while showing their hair.

Choose a hijab that works well for you and style them with any outfit for special occasions or daily wear. The best part of ordering hijabs online is free shipping and hassle-free returns on all orders.

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