Top 10 ways to Hijab with Jumpsuits

Published on January 04, 2023

We all love wearing jumpsuits. A cool and casual way to enjoy the day comfortably, jumpsuits can be worn all seasons and occasions when rightly styled. Another advantage of wearing jumpsuits is that they are perfect for hijab who prefer modest wear.That said, we give you the top 10 ways to wear hijab with jumpsuits.

A versatile attire, wearing hijab with jumpsuits not only maintains the modesty but also makes you look cool and trendy. In fact, jumpsuits are a trend that never really go out of style. They are available in such innovative designs, styles and shades that you will always find a jumpsuit that matches your taste and personality.

Though a summer outfit, jumpsuits also work well in Autumn season. As they are dressed conveniently, it can be layered despite the weather condition. Here's how you can carry the jumpsuit in a fashionable yet decent way.

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But before that, here are few styling tips for hijabis.

  • For those who want to wear hijab with a modest fitting jumpsuit, ensure to try one out before buying them.
  • For those who are travelling but want only one hijab to go, choose the neutral nude-colored hijab.
  • For those who don't like wearing sleeveless or unsure or wearing a "not so modest" jumpsuit, you can always add layers or transform it into a chic and modest outfit.
  • Jumpsuits are one of the easiest outfits where you can add layers. For instance, you can add coats, jackets, sweaters, scarves and other layering accessories to make you look modest and in style.
  • If you are new to wear jumpsuits, go with a denim one as it is a safe bet to try for newbies.
  • If you feel that loose jumpsuits will make you look too odd, you can always wear a statement belt to make yourself look proportionate.
  • The type of shoes and hijab you pair with your jumpsuit can make or break your look. For daytime wear, wear your jumpsuit with printed hijab and sneakers and for night time, you can switch to a metallic solid hijab with high heels with the jumpsuit for a chic look.

Hijab with White Jumpsuit

Monochrome outfits are a great way to look stunning and show off your attractive accessories. Tall women look magnificent in jumpsuits. A fantastic way to make a personal style statement, it is a quick and handy outfit that requires minimal effort to make you look good. Be it fashionable casual occasions or any usual friendly meet, jumpsuits can be your go-to outfit to dress for the event. However, for night time meetings, plan accordingly as to what you can wear. Be it any season,hijabs are the perfect fashion accessory that anyone will look good in.

Maternity Jumpsuit with Hijab

Many women hesitate to wear jumpsuits when expecting. Don't worry. Jumpsuits are not only comfortable but stylish as well and they make excellent maternity outfits. Few things to keep in mind while buying a jumpsuit is that it must have an elastic waist and should be of good quality so that you feel comfortable. Also, go for flat shoes/sandals. For winters, the best way to look modest and stay warm is by using a jacket. Choose a blazer as formal wear and a thick, warm leather jacket for casual events. If need be, you can also tie a jacket around your waist to heighten the style.

Hijab with Jumpsuits for Travellers

Pairing your hijab with jumpsuits is one of the best options for daily wear. Jumpsuits should not be tight but is modest apparel to carry. Neutral hues are the reliable ones for any jumpsuits. Hijabs are undoubtedly one of the most sophisticated clothing ideas for Islamic women that reveal the grace of their personalities. A practical jumpsuit can make your trip so much memorable. Hence, we do advise to give them a try.

Printed Jumpsuit with Hijab

Rock this summer season with this printed Jumpsuit paired with a solid-colored hijab that looks simply amazing. Make sure to match your hijab with the base color of your jumpsuit's print. Avoid using casual footwear and go for heels. Shoes with a denser heel are not only popular but also a comfortable option where stiletto isn't viable. If at all, you need to wear a stiletto, go with something of chunkier heel height. Add a final touch by using accessories such as a beautiful necklace or a strappy pair of heels.

Hijab with Pink Jumpsuit

Pastel-colored hijabs look gorgeous on anyone and are very much on-trend. For example, if you are going for a pink one, go for a pastel-colored hijab in a similar shade (as in the picture) but not necessarily the same one. If you want your face to look radiant, then go for a shade darker than your jumpsuit but if you want to flaunt your tan, then go for a hijab shade that's lighter than your jumpsuit.

Hijab with Floral Jumpsuit for the Beach

Nature is always inspiring and motivating us to do better for her. So why not get inspired by them? This floral jumpsuit is the perfect choice as your beach outfit. Just remember that you can pair it with a solid-colored hijab but never go floral on floral as it will make your outfit look bizarre.

Metallic Hijab with a Jumpsuit for Wedding Invitees

Metallic is currently trending be it outfit, shoes or any other accessory. Be it a formal occasion or wedding functions, pair a metallic hijab with monochrome jumpsuit and accessories that will nail your look.

Hijab with a Denim Jumpsuit

Casual wear is much more than pairing up jeans. Casual styles have become more of experimenting and blending fashion together. Denim jumpsuits are a safe bet for those who are trying jumpsuits for the first time. Pair it with a nude-colored hijab for a stunning look.

Modest Jumpsuits and Hijab

Though it is hard to fight a jumpsuit with full sleeves and proper neckline, it won't be a problem because jumpsuits can be paired with shirts easily. Just wear a shirt underneath and cover the head/neck area with hijab and you are all set. If you are wearing a light-colored jumpsuit, then wear it over a white tee and if you are wearing a dark-colored jumpsuit, you can wear both black and white beneath it. As office wear, you can wear jumpsuits over a button-down dress shirt. But for this, make sure that you buy a loose-fitting jumpsuit.

Wear Hijab with Jumpsuits in Winter

As mentioned above, jumpsuits look great when layered regardless of the seasons. During winter, however, you can add a fur coat over a jumpsuit that is sure to transform your whole look into a fashionista. Women with sheer skin tone usually prefer deep and bold shades. Similarly, black hijabs are a great choice for women with fair skin who want to flaunt some hue shades. That said, a black hijab is a must in your closet...ever...!!!

Final thoughts

We hope our ideas would be really helpful for you to try on jumpsuits for different reasons and seasons. A conventional, contemporary outfit, jumpsuits are an excellent choice for Islamic women who are looking for a fashionable yet decent way to present themselves.

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