10 Ideas to Wear Jeans with Abaya

Published on January 04, 2023

A symbol of modesty, Abaya has an important role in Islamic culture. There are many ways to style your Abaya and look chic and trending. While we have spoken about many options to wear hijab, we will be discussing many ways to wear jeans with Abaya in this article. That said, we give you 10 ideas on how to wear jeans with Abaya.

There is a plethora of options to style your abaya with jeans. Whether you are attending a casual event or a formal occasion, jeans can be an excellent option. Pair it with stylish shoes, accessories and you are all set. Currently trending is skinny jeans with heels. Wearing long heels is sure to make you look trendy and chic. Combine jeans with an Abaya that comes with minimal embroidery or design work if you want to attend a party. Don't just go with the default black plain Abaya.

The key is to experiment with new shades of Abaya (that's right...Abaya are available in a variety of shades and not just black). You can also "up" your hairdo and wear matching/contrasting hijab shades that go well with your overall outfit. We hope to assist you in picking the right styles to wear your Abaya with your jeans.

Open Abaya with Jeans

This girl looks simply elegant with her open Abaya type that is paired with jeans and matching brown heels. She pairs her brown heels with matching dupatta that is worn as a hijab too.

Loose Abaya Style

Open, flowy Abayas are trending as they not only help you stay modest but also give you the option to experiment with your look. This loose abaya style with shirt and jeans is simple and classy. The black hijab with full sleeves is completed with black hijab.

Jeans with Side Open Cut Abaya

This girl looks beautiful in her side cut Abaya with jeans. What a great way to flaunt her style modestly...!!! The killer red pump heels are sheer perfection.Stylish Jeans with Abaya

Jeans are available in different styles. So why not keep the Abaya simple and pair it with a new pair of stylish jeans? Finish the look with your favorite heels.

Floral Abaya with Jeans

Whoever said Abayas are available only in one shade are wrong. This Floral Abaya paired with black pants oozes fashion sense every which way. Pair it with a black hijab and you are simply a stunner.

Long Front Open Abaya with Jeans

A fantastic way to look stunning and stylish, this long front open Abaya with jeans can be paired with a long shirt that can be tucked in the jeans.

Gorgeous Black Abaya with Jeans

The shade of class and sophistication - black never goes out of fashion and is eternal. This girl knows fashion and has used it to her favor. Take a look at how she has synchronized her hijab with her Abaya with complimenting purse and heels.

Long Abaya with Jeans

If you love to wear colored abaya with jeans, then here is the style you can definitely try. This green Abaya with jeans with designer hijab looks stylish.

Fitted Pants and Abaya

The black Abaya comes with a minimal lace design that speaks trend and modesty. Paired with black fitted pants and complimenting heels and purse, it is pure precision fashion.

Black Pants with Embroidered Abaya

Fantastic formal wear, the straight pants with Abaya are a definite yes. For those looking to create a style statement in a formal event, this golden embroidered Abaya is a great choice. It comes with minimal embroidery that makes it a good option for parties as well.

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