Top 10 brands to buy Eco-friendly Hijabs (Eco-hijabs)

Published on January 04, 2023

Eco-friendly, also known as environment-friendly is a term that is harmless to Mother Nature. Hijab is a vital and fundamental part of Muslim fashion that is worn by millions of women worldwide. Here are the top 10 brands to buy eco-friendly brands or eco-hijabs.

As per Islam tradition, Hijab is a mandatory piece of cloth which every woman should wear as it symbolizes modesty. The term eco-friendly hijab includes the green values of Muslims to their identity of modest clothing as per their culture. With the thrive in the fashion industry and its evolving times, the Muslim hijab is one of the popular attires with both Muslims and Non-Muslims loving it equally. That said, here are some of the best eco-hijabs for women who have a concern for the environment while want to look good.

Best Environment-friendly hijab brands online

Islam teaches Muslim women to cover themselves properly before going outside. As mentioned above, hijab is quite mandatory for a Muslim woman to maintain their modesty. With many people turning towards eco-friendly products, the fashion industry too made the move. Hence, there are eco-friendly hijabs that are made from natural elements such as materials with bamboo plant or organic cotton.

Moving towards a greener and more natural lifestyle is every human's responsibility. Keeping that in mind, many clothing is made from organic and eco-friendly resources that is sustainably-grown fibers from crops such as organic cotton, hemp, soy, bamboo or other recyclable materials. The common misconception is that designers and users have is that sustainable fabrics can be dull, rough and less versatile than synthetic fabrics.

Here are few eco-friendly brands that use the best fabric which is hypoallergenic and soft on your skin/body. Here are a few brands based on their fabric, quality, price, availability, sustainability and their impact on the environment. We have graded them from 1-10 as per their social media popularity and the qualities above.

Bamboo Hijabs by Artizara

Many fashion designers and textile manufacturers are keen on using plant bamboo. That's because bamboo contains antibacterial properties that fight bad odor and keep you feeling fresh smelling all day long. It is also sweat absorbent that wicks away excess moisture thus keeping you dry. Another benefit of bamboo is that it is a versatile fabric that keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. Not to mention how soft it feels on your skin.

Started in 2002, Artizara is one of the big names for modest clothing in the fashion industry. Based in California, USA, it was initiated by a Muslim girl called Sarah Ansari. Artizara is also planning to launch headscarves made using bamboo for women which is a fantastic idea. Handwoven by the team of Artizara, the company is putting a lot of effort to make the users feel satisfied with their purchase while benefiting from the fabric and delivering an eco-friendly product. The lightweight fabrics that Artizara produces are durable, healthy on the skin and make it worth every investment.


  • Trendy and creative designs.
  • Lightweight and cool fabrics that are perfect for summers.
  • All kinds of hijabs such as fancy, essential and sports hijab.


  • On the expensive side

The Green Hijab by Waste2Wear

Started in 1998, The Green Hijab is one of the many projects by Waste2Wear Malaysia that caters the needs of women who are looking for eco-friendly products for themselves. A skin-friendly and eco-friendly brand, Green Hijab, dedicates itself to deliver products that are environmentally beneficial. One of the most prominent features of this project is that most of the hijabs are made from recycled plastic bottles. Needless to say, as plastic is the most harmful substance to the earth, the Green Hijab finds a way to infuse plastic by recycling them and catering to women's fashion requirements while saving our nature from a hazardous material.

Apart from hijabs, the brand also offers products such as bags, uniforms, sportswear and workwear.


  • Saving the planet from the pollutive plastic.
  • The material feels exactly like chiffon.


  • Available only in three shades as of now.


Established in 2011, Hijab_Ista is an online hijab and modest clothing retailer located in the USA. The owner of this online hijab store is a multi-talented Muslim Woman - Reema M Momin. Her main motive is to provide high-quality, low-priced, eco-friendly clothing to Islamic women. Their hijabs are trendy and practical for daily wear. You will also find elegant options reserved for special events Hijabista of Muslim fashion right now. One of the top brands to buy eco-friendly hijabs, Hijabista also makes products such as hijab accessories, modest clothing apart from hijabs.


  • Comes in stunning colors, hip prints and fashionable cuts.
  • Is available at an affordable price.
  • Possesses excellent quality and climate-friendly materials.


  • International shipping is a bit costly.
  • Takes time to update the products in stock on the website.

Haute Hijab

Started off in 2010, Haute Hijab was founded by a power couple - Melanie Elturk and Ahmed Zedan. A contemporary, impressive brand, Haute Hijab is quite popular and focuses on delivering hijabs for Islamic women that are eco-friendly. They believe in safeguarding the environment and hence produce eco-friendly products to women worldwide. They offer a wide range of gorgeous, skin-friendly, high-quality hijabs of all kinds suitable for day-to-day wear as well as occasional wear. They accept only local fabric dealers and not international synthesized ones to manufacture their hijabs.


  • Available in good quality and luxurious.
  • Wide range of hijab designs to choose as per your ensemble.
  • Materials are made of breathable, durable and easily washable.


  • International orders take time to get delivered (almost 1 month).


Started in 2013, Sadoq is a brand from Amsterdam that produces eco-friendly fabrics and products for hijabs made from bamboo plants. Weaving stunning scarves (hijabs), they offer luxurious looking hijabs that offer the ultimate style of sophistication. Be it casual, formal or occasional (for any special occasion), you will find clothes that not only look but feel great as well.

The company manufactures hijabs, turbans, underscarves and scrunchies.


  • Organic bamboo fabric is woven and colored using natural dyes.
  • Are lightweight and soft fabric materials.
  • Hijabs come with handmade tassels and other embellishments for party/special events.


  • Many products are out of stock.

Happy Turbans by Iman Aldebe

Started in 2012, Happy Turbans is a Muslim fashion brand based in Sweden. The owner is Iman Aldebe who is one of the biggest names in Muslim fashion. She is one of the best turban designers whom even big brands like H&M retailed to create handmade turbans. Starting off at a very young age, she designed her first line of fashion when she was just in high school. It was called Handmade Happy Turbans as she used to design and stitch it herself without using synthetic yarns. This created a whole new dimension to fashion and style to hijabs. Today, Happy Turbans delivers an impeccable range of colorful turbans to women of all ages. You will also find hair accessories and kids turbans.


  • Unique, eye-catching designs than other hijab brands.
  • A lightweight fabric.


  • Not suitable for girls with very long hair who want to cover their completely as the width is quite short.

Queendom Hijabs

There are many parts of the world where women may feel lack of Eco-friendly Islamic clothing. Keeping that in mind, Abeer, from Canada created this eco-friendly Islamic brand called Queendom Hijabs. Established in 2007, this line of eco-friendly hijabs ensure that all women use organic fabrics to cover their head. The company uses natural elements such as bamboo, soy, and organic cotton. These fabrics are versatile as they keep you cool in summer and warm in winter thus catering to the needs of women regardless of where ever they are in the world.

Queendom hijabs are known to manufacture high-quality hijabs, sports scarves and under scarves.


  • Is made using organic cotton and bamboo fabrics that are eco-friendly.
  • Are 100% biodegradable.
  • Are lightweight and cool hijabs that breathe on your skin.


  • Being lightweight, they may at times, need a lot of pins to keep it secure at one place.
  • Minimal variety and monotonous designs.


One of the world's first sustainable and eco-friendly modest athleisure brands, Under-Rapt was started in 2015. The key feature of this brand is their ability to sell both casual and sportswear while being modest as per Islamic culture. The founder of the brand, Yasmin, is an expert in Islamic fashion and style. One of the most creative brands who offer user-friendly clothes, they offer modest fashion aesthetics, athletic styles and performance requirements which has made the brand quite contemporary of today's age. For instance, their trending hijab designs such as sports hijab and hijab with hooded base layer are worn by both Muslims and non-Muslims.


  • Made using sustainable and recyclable/eco-friendly materials.
  • Are comfortable and modest to wear.
  • Their sportswear is cool, hygienic and sweat resistant.


  • Have only limited designs.
  • Is on the expensive side.

Ak Mara Scarves

Relaunched in 2017, Al Mara Scarves is an eco-friendly hijab brand that comes with a notable tagline - "Hijab is our passion". The company uses natural materials such as organic cotton that has OEKO-TEX standard quality from a German family weaving mill in the production of the garments. The fashion brand also promotes empowering women, especially whose personal lives had been challenging. The skin-friendly organic cotton is brought from Germany to be handcrafted by women in Morocco and stitched in Germany by refugees from Afghanistan and Syria. Quite impressive, right?

Apart from eco-friendly hijabs, the brands are known to produce jewelry, bags and turbans too.


  • High-quality fabrics (OEKO-TEX certified) are used for manufacturing hijabs.
  • Good customer reviews due to a high number of sales and satisfied users.
  • Decorations on the hijabs are made from organic palm leaves and rattan.


  • Wash the hijabs by hand as they need absolute care which can be tiring for some.


One of the first French brand to launch Islamic fashion, this eco-friendly brand was started in 2015 by Imaan in Pakistan. A fashionista by nature and passion, Imaan says that Gulshaan was formed by women who have little income to support the families, are divorced or widowed. The brand uses natural elements and always ensure that they stick to manufacture nature-friendly products. The collections are so beautiful that within 2-3 years, they attained global fame especially in areas such as London, Toronto, Istanbul, and Jakarta. Apart from hijabs, the company also makes scarves and modest clothing line.


  • The company uses the best quality materials.
  • Embroideries on the scarves are handmade and durable.


  • Few of the hijab fabrics are too sheer.

Final thoughts

Now that you know the best brands to buy eco-friendly hijabs, grab on your favorites today...!!!

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