Top 15 Ways to Wear Hijab with Salwar Kameez

Published on December 27, 2022

Hijabis are often confused about how to wear Hijab with Salwar Kameez. They are apprehensive about the right style that will match their outfit style. With the latest hijab trends available,women are finding it difficult on how to style dupatta along with hijab. In this article, we will walk you through Top 15 ways to style your hijab with Salwar Kameez or Churidar.

But before that here are few tipsto match your hijab with your salwar kameez.

  • If you are wearing Salwar Kameez with dupattas, then choose a simple hijab style so that you are free from any worries of handling hijab, dupatta etc. It is always preferred to pin up your hijab securely to keep it manageable.
  • Choose a simple hijab style that will stay in place all day long. Also, avoid showing any hair by using underscarves.
  • Last but not the least, make sure that your hijab shade syncs well with the color of Salwar Kameez which you are wearing.

Here are a few of the images with a brief description of how you can combine interesting color themes.

Using dupatta as a hijab

Notice how this blogger wore white Salwar Kameez and paired it with different shades of the hijab. The highlight is how she used her dupatta as a hijab that not only looks convenient but perfect as well. This style saves you the hassle of wrapping and carrying two separate pieces of fabrics.

How to Pair your White Salwar Kameez with Hijab

It is always a good idea to combine some colors with your white Salwar Kameez, especially when you are using your dupatta and hijab. What makes White versatile is it works well with other colors. So, if you are planning to wear an all-white dress, don't spend too much time bothering about what shade hijab to wear. Go with any shade of your choice. Try subtle blues or bold red that will add an intrepid touch to your hijab.

Pair your Salwar Kameez with Pakistani style Hijab

There are some amazing Pakistani style hijabs that work well with all styles of Salwar Kameez. You can go for the pinless hijab style where you can leave both the loose ends of the hijab at the back OR try the gracefully draped hijab for your Salwar Kameez.

How to wear Hijab with Salwar Kameez when you are travelling

The classic, versatile shade - black is a must-have regardless you are a frequent traveler or not. The reason is that black goes with all outfits and doesn't need to be washed or ironed too often as compared to light-colored hijabs. Also, a plain black hijab goes with Salwar Kameez easily so you won't have trouble pairing it with any attire as well.

Wearing accessories with Salwar Kameez

Check out these beautiful accessories which you can wear with your hijab and salwar kameez combo. Just keep a mental note that if you are wearing a dark-colored salwar kameez, opt for a light-colored hijab that will make your face look glowy. Also, add a pair of gorgeous earrings with your turban hijab. You can also enhance your look with statementneckpieces. Nowadays, many girls wear Maatha Patti or Maang Tikka over their hijabs similar to the wedding look and they are able to pull it off effectively to make an excellent style quotient.

Pairing Salwar Kameez with Turban Hijab

For a contemporary, sporty look, wear your salwar kameez with a pair of sneakers and a turban hijab. You can also top it with jackets, sweaters or long coats (during cold climates). Turban hijabs are quite trending and also works with a both conventional and contemporary look.

How to pair Necklace Hijab with Salwar Kameez

Whoever said you can't wear necklaces on your hijab should definitely try this look!!! Experimenting plays a key role in fashion and many women have loved wearing gorgeous neckpieces as a tiara on their hijab. It not only looks chic but gives out a royal appearance.

How to wear Nude Hijab with any Salwar Kameez

Nude hijab is versatile and goes with any outfit. As you can see how beautifully wraps your face and highlights your features. If you opt for a hijab style that leaves your neck uncovered, you can fix this issue by wearing a turtleneck under your Salwar Kameez. If you don't like adding too many layers, design your Kameez by stitching it in turtle neck styles with zippers on the back or front button. You can also style your salwar with sherwani collars for a modest look.

Pairing Abaya with Salwar Kameez

If you love Abayas, then choose on that has a slit in the center. This way you can flaunt your gorgeous Salwar Kameez. Choose a hijab that matches the color of your salwar. You can ditch the dupatta by wrapping the layers of the hijab around the chest while going for a sleek belt that accentuates your whole look.

How to Pair Salwar Kameez with Hijab for Mehndi

Check out this colour combination of Salwar Kameez and the contrasting shade of Hijab. It makes it a perfect outfit for special functions such as Mehndi, Wedding Reception etc. regardless you are a bride or an invitee. The choice of burgundy hijab with brown Salwar and Orange-Yellow Kameez adds aesthetic appeal.

How to wear Hijab with Salwar Kameez for Formal occasions

Weddings are an endless affair, especially in South Asian regions where women love dressing up all the time. So, for any of the forthcoming wedding in your family or friends, try this look. Complete the look with a pair of shining heel pumps and you are sure to set the crowd stunned.

How to wear Hijab with All-Black Salwar Kameez

Black is one of the few shades that never go out of style and we mean...never, ever...!!!There are limitless ways to style an all-black attire. What makes it unique is even if you are wearing something simple, you will still look great. Pairing black hijab with black Salwar Kameez with few intricate details such as pearl beads, embellishments on the hijab or on the Kameez will highlight your look. Since you are going for an all-black look, you can wear black shoes as well.

Wearing Pastel Shade Plain Salwar Kameez with Hijab

Pastel shades are a definite "go-to" this summer. A long-length pastel-coloured Kurti or Kameez with white Salwar/Churidar and for a dash of style, pair it with a different pastel-colored hijab. Make sure to sync your heels with your hijab shade for a trendy look.

How to wear a hijab with printed Salwar Kameez

A few years ago, printed dupattas and kameez were worn over a plain Kameez which became a fashion style. However, as times evolved, modern fashion made the switch. Trending now is printed fabrics appearing in Salwar, Kameez as well as dupatta. So, if you are planning to wear the all-printed Salwar Kameez with printed dupatta, then go for a plain hijab. That's because too much of print will make you look dull. Wear your all-printed Salwar Kameez with the beautiful net dupatta and a bold plain hijab.

How to wear Hijab with Salwar Kameez for winter

If you reside in a cold region, it is vital that you add layers to your look by putting a coat, sweater etc. to keep you cozy. Long coats look good on Salwar Kameez while keeping you warm. Nowadays, coats are available in different shades including black that looks gorgeous. But if you have swankier taste, red and cobalt blue coats look amazing too. You can also wear a grey coat on your Salwar Kameez and pair it with a light-colored hijab.

Final Thoughts

These are a few ways to wear hijab with Salwar Kameez. Go for plain hijab or printed at your discretion as there are so many different varieties of shades and patterns available to choose from. Similarly, the options for Salwar Kameez are boundless. So, go ahead, and choose the best impression of all these and look stunning.

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