Choosing a Hijab shade as per your skin tone

Published on December 22, 2022

In this article, we will read all about Choosing a Hijab shade as per your skin tone.

We all are born different and needless to say so does our skin tones.While some women have a warmer skin tone, some are lighter. So, to look elegant and confident, make sure to choose a hijab color that complements your skin tone well and make you look gorgeous.

Hence, we recommend you to try out various colors and shades and come up with color combinations to elevate your beauty, your outfit and sync well with your skin tone.

Keeping that in mind, we give you a few helpful tips to choose the right color of hijab as per your skin tone.

Hijab for Light Skin Tone

Many say that almost all colors suit the light skin tone. This is not completely true. In fact, people will lighter skin tone will look best when complemented by pastel colors. Other prominent colors include bold jewel shades. For instance,royal violet, emerald green, blue sapphires, red rubies, cobalt blue and other light pastel shades. They makefair skin look absolutely striking and magnificent. Also, such colors enhance your skin tone and make it look lighter or paler.

Hijab for Medium Skin Tone

The yellow tinges in standard (medium) skin tone makes people look beautiful and set them apart from people with other skin tones.

Because of this, colors such as beige, taupe, camel, olive, green, cranberry, teal blush pink and red look marvelous on people with medium skin tones. Nevertheless, there are numerous hues you can experiment with such as emerald, cobalt, ruby red, royal violet etc.

The above-mentioned colors work in your favor and bring out the best in your skin tone giving it a healthy glow.

That said, there are certain colors that do not work with medium skin tone and hence must be avoided. If possible, stay away from pastel colors.

A healthy tip: Using ivory instead of white for medium skin tone while using hues of black will compliment your dark features.

Hijab for Dark Skin Tone

If you are a dark-skinned person, then you may be surprised to know that you have better chances to experiment with different colors which you can wear.

Luckily, every color works with a dark skin tone. Still, it is necessary to use colors wisely. For example, ivory or commonly known as off-white shade will look good on you but pure white, stark white are colors that may give you a harsh look.

You can choose shades that will add warmth and glow to your skin tone. One good example is the pastel colors as they make your skin complexion shine and make you look absolutely gorgeous. Even the classic black color looks fantastic with dark skin but every dark skin carriesdifferent shades, so it all comes down to your dark skin color. That said, Chocolate brown is a safety net when it comes to choosing a shade for dark skin tone.

Hijab for Cool Skin Tone

If you are having a cool skin tone, then you will look great in bright colors. Try using shades such as reddish pinks, lavender, lilac, bright blues, bright rose, purples, and red rubies. If you love sober and neutral hues, then opt for shades of greys, navy blues, and pure white. Avoid shades of Yellows and Oranges as they can make your skin look dull.

Hijab for Warm Skin Tone

For those with warm skin tone, shades of oranges, golden yellow, reds, and amber will suit best. Other warmer hues like greens, blues, and turquoise also compliment your warm skin tone.

Hijab for Neutral Skin Tone

If you are having a neutral skin tone, stay awayfrom bright colors. However, you can try on shades that are neither too bright nor too dull. For example, shades of grey, off-white and taupe must be in your reliable colors list.

Hijab for Wheatish Skin Tone

For those who are having a wheatish skin color like me, bold colors will work like magic. Sadly, not many are aware of that and many girls with wheatish complexion ignore wearing and bold colors. Bold shades show your confident personality so never shy away from them and go ahead.Also, it addsan element to your personality. Shades such as Cobalt blue, Golden, Magenta, Emerald Green, Grey, Orange and Earthy Green are few of the shades that will give you a stunning look.

Picking a Hijab shade as per your skin tone can be very helpful in making you look beautiful. However, it's absolutely and equally important to feel good in any Hijab shades you pick regardless of your skin tone.

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