Top 10 idea to wear hijab at work

Published on December 29, 2022

Looking for the perfect office wear for Hijabis? Then, you have come to the right place. Apart from maintaining modesty, the right kind of outfit will blend fashion with modesty. In this guide, we will provide you with top 10 ideas to wear hijab at work.

There are numerous ways to style your hijab - Turkish�hijab style, wedding hijab style or casual hijab look. Hijab is famous not only in Muslim countries but all over the globe. Rather, the hijab has become an iconic piece with fashion world incorporating hijab as part of their outfits. Staying modest in office wear is a must. Many office goers style their hijab by pairing it neatly with an underscarf to keep it secure and prevent it from falling off the head. You can enhance the beauty of hijab by accessorizing it with brooches or clips. However, make sure to avoid over-accessorizing it. Make sure you to choose a light tone hijab with an outfit for an appropriate and graceful look.

How to wear Hijab to work?

With evolving times, hijabi girls have made remarkable breakthroughs and achieved success in all walks of life. Be it taking on the ramp or sports, Muslim women have proven that hijabs are not a barrier anymore. So, if you are wondering how to wear your hijab for work, here are some ideas so that you can flaunt your hijab while dressing appropriately.

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Turkish hijab style is considered one of the best and famous office hijab style. A neat and chic style, bear in mind that choosing the right hijab style can also help you achieve success.

  • When you start practicing various hijab styles, ensure that you go for the one that suits your face shape.
  • Do not wear a hijab that has too many ornaments or looks too fancy.
  • Avoid wearing large brooches. Use a small brooch or pin.
  • If you don't know how to pair your hijab with a particular outfit, the safest bet is to go for neutrals. They always have your back.
  • You don't have to spend a fortune or rely on branded outfits to look stylish. You just have to know how to carry yourself.
  • Be wise and shop smartly. Choose neutral shades for hijab as they will look professional as compared to dark ones.
  • Carry cute, coordinating handbags to match the hijab and your outfit.
  • Focus on your entire look which includes makeup, purse, jewelry and footwear. Don't miss anything. Note that your appearance can make a lasting impression on people.

Choosing an Ideal Hijab Style for Office Wear

At a typical workplace, you will be spending 9-12 hours and 5-6 days a week. Hence, it is imperative to look your best and dress in a way that's not only stylish but comfortable as well.

Here we mention a few tips and tricks to will help you style the right hijab.

Face Shape

  • Oval shaped face - wear your hijab higher up on the forehead.
  • Round shaped face - wear your hijab a little bit loose, especially around the cheeks.
  • Square shaped face - wear the hijab by wrapping it a bit higher up as their forehead is short.

Prioritize your office wear based on the following factors.

  • Season
  • Special Meetings
  • Seminars/Presentation day
  • Office lunch/dinner
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How to wear Hijab with a Blazer

Blazer is one of the most common official outfits which is a must in your wardrobe. Shades such as black, navy blue, powder pink, nude, and white are excellent shades that are a must-own. If you love bold colors, then go for a red blazer this 2020.

Wear Hijab with a long coat

Suitable for winter,�long coats�are not only comfortable but also look incredibly classy making it apt as a business outfit.

Wearing a grey Hijab for Office

Grey is a fantastic shade for work as it gives off a professional and classy vibe. So for your next business lunch or meeting, try using different shades of grey color as hijab to pair with your formal wear.

Travelling for work

If your work demands frequent travelling, then choose striped prints as they will look gorgeous. They are not only stylish but trendy as well. Not to mention that you will always a modest outfit to pair with the stripes. However, make sure that you wear only one striped clothing while the rest must be kept plain.

Long maxis with Hijabis for office

As summer hits, the love for floral designs increases. Spring and Summer are the best seasons to wear�floral outfits. At this time, pair your printed floral maxis, abayas or long floral dresses with solid-colored hijabs to work. The fresh and crisp look sure looks classy and trending.

Pairing Hijabs with Pants

At times, you would like to keep it simple and elegant. For such Hijabi women, straight pants and shirts make the most candid and elegant outfits ever. You can pair them with almost any hijab shade or hijab style. Just make sure that the color of the hijab is a tone darker than your pants to enhance the radiance in your face.

Embroidered Abaya with Hijab

For formal business meetings, pick an outfit that features simple but minimal embroidery. You can go for embroidered shirts or�Abayas. Pair it with matching or nude hijabs to complete the look.

The most loved Hijab shade

Any hijabi would know that neutral-colored hijabs are a must-have in your hijab collection. At times when you cannot think of a matching or contrasting color, neutrals are your savior as they will make you look stylish any time.

Black outfit with Hijab

Just like neutral-shaded hijabs, black is a color which every woman must have in her outfit collection. Many days we find it difficult or are busy to find pairing outfits. A black dress with any colored hijab will nail your professional look. Make sure to avoid going in all-black (i.e. black outfit with black hijab) as it will give a monochrome and boring look.

Checkered blazer with Hijab

These Gemini pants and Caldwell blazer is a phenomenal choice which you can wear every season. The black and white contrast is evergreen and the perfect outfit which you can wear for any business meeting. You can choose between a black or a white top with this suit. Make the outfit pop up a bit by opting for a colorful hijab and a vibrant pink envelope-shaped purse.

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