Top 6 Underscarf types - Complete Guide 2023

Published on December 22, 2022

There are different underscarf types available online. If you are looking for the perfect guide that gives you trending underscarf styles for 2020, then you are in the right place.

An underscarf is a little piece of fabric that is used to cover the head. Often used as a base for hijab to support different styles, it comes with a wide range of shapes, styles, and designs and delivers many benefits. Few of them are:

  • Keeps the hair from falling in your face thus eliminating the need to tuck your hair frequently.
  • Worn under slippery stylish hijabs. As all the underscarves are made using non-slip material, they secure those beautiful chiffon hijabs in place.
  • Helps in proper coverage for transparent fashionable hijabs. Note that most of the underscarves do not cover the neck zone.

Different Underscarf types

Be it from online or retail stores, there are numerous underscarves brands and types available.

Lace Underscarf

This lace underscarf is a cylinder-like underscarf that open from the two finishes. Made using stretchable lace, the fabric is polyesterand is made to be non-slippery. A readymade product, it is a one-size-fits-all because of its stretchable nature.

Tie Back Bonnet Cap

One of the most popular and famous underscarf types is the bonnet cap. It is made using Jersey type cotton fabric and is a non-slip product. Simply place it over your head and tie it at the back of your head using the ties sewn at the end. It also features a tiny opening at the backside so that once tied you can let the hair through. Choose shades that will compliment your entire outfit and not just the hijab for an organized look.

Bonnet Hat

Another among the list of underscarf types is the bonnet hat. A new member to the underscarf family, it is made of stretchable lycra (spandex), typically polyester. It is designed in a pull-on style, pretty much like a hat. Hence, the name. Bonnet hatscome with elastic at the backside which makes it versatile for any hair and hairstyles.

Full Underscarf

The full underscarf is a practical answer for those who wear sheer or see-through fashionable hijabs while covering the head completely just like the neck area.

Ninja Inner Underscarf

The ninja inner underscarf is a new design and is a contemporary undercap where the entire head, neck, and upper chest is covered. It has all the benefits of the full underscarf with the difference being that it fits easily around the neck.

Headband Bonnet

Last on the underscarf types is the headband bonnet. It is a uniquetechniqueto wear the underscarf and is another option to secure back the bonnet caps. It comes with the elastic backside with variable front width to fold as necessary. The headband bonnet is available in different fabrics such as polyester, cotton and lightweight chiffons.

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