11 Ways to Wear Hijab with Denim Jackets

Published on December 06, 2022

For those who are looking for ideas on how to wear Hijab with denim jackets, this article is for you.

Do you know a clothing element that can instantly make you look chic and modern? It's undoubtedly the denim jacket. Trending there are amazing denim jackets with different designs available. A must-have in your wardrobe, denim jacket can make you look "in style" while maintaining the modesty of the hijab.

Denim jackets are an excellent clothing item that can be worn any day, any time. Simply don a denim jacket if you are late for work, for shopping or a quick hangout with your friends. You can even wear it with a party dress or a concert night out with your friends or family. A versatile wear, it can be styled with anything and everything.

Here are 11 ways on how you can wear hijab with denim jackets.

Pairing denim jacket with an all-black attire

Regardless of your skin tone, you are sure to look uber chic in this all-black attire paired with denim jacket. This Instagram beauty, Ifrah (https://www.instagram.com/_ifrahhh/) shows you how you can pull off the all-black attire with denim. See how she flaunts her black high-neck top with black distressed jeans and a black hijab with distressed denim jacket.

Pairing your denim jacket with an all-white outfit

White is the pair solution to beat the summer heat and welcome the spring season as well. Just like you can't go wrong with black, white is sure to make you look trendy.

How to pair long denim jacket with knee-high boots

Take a look at this stunning Instagrammer Masuama Khan, (https://www.instagram.com/masuma_khan/) who sports this short dress look which features knee-high boots, a pashmina hijab, and a long, distressed denim jacket. You can wear skin color leggings under the dress with the knee-high boots that covers your legs properly thus maintaining the modesty.

Wearing Denim Jacket with Printed T-Shirts

Denim Jackets are also known as Jean Jackets that give you a street look which makes it best when paired with printed T-shirts and other trending outfits. For instance, take a look at this Seattle-based blogger, Sabrina (https://www.instagram.com/brinney_/) who looks amazing in her straight brown pants which are paired with a printed graphic Tee (that says "Pulp Fiction") and a blue denim jacket. She completes the look with straight pants to make it suitable for work as well.

How to pair denim jacket with Aline dresses

Aline dresses or Flared dresses can make you look elegant and attractive. A great option for the spring time of year, the black flared dress with a denim jacket as worn by the Instagrammer/blogger is simple and classic. Notice how she tucked a belt to her waist that adds a structure to the whole outfit so it inhibits looking oversized or baggy.

Denim Jacket for a Casual Outfit

Another trendy and comfortable look is pairing denim jacket with black tights and a white tee. Absolutely appropriate for a regular office day or hangout with friends/family, toss the denim jacket with your tight leggings and your favorite tee for a cool and hip look.

How to pull out an All-denim outfit

Are you a denim fanatic? Want to go all-denim? Then, take a look at this picture. The high-waisted jeans is paired with a white tucked shirt underneath topped with a bright blue denim jacket. The light-colored hijab adds perfection to the whole outfit. Regardless of the season, you can maintain modesty by pairing the denim jacket with the right hijab.

Pair your Hijab with Light Grey Denim Jacket

Apart from blue (light and dark) colored denim, the next best favorite is the grey color. Take a look at the rap singer Neelam who wore the light grey denim jacket with writings on the back. She completed the look with a hat on her hijab that is certainly a show stealer.

How to wear Denim Jacket with Mom Jeans

Achieve casual and comfortable look with this denim jacket and pair it with an all-blue jean outfit. For instance, this user looks cool 'n' cozy in her distressed mom jeans, white Adidas shoes that is combined with a white shirt beneath the light blue denim jacket. Suitable for any casual atmosphere such as brunch with friends, a day at class, this attire is as versatile as it gets. The loosely draped hijab tops the attire.

Wearing Denim jacket with Pink Hijab

Love to play with colors this spring? As the sun shines and blesses the day, pink pants and a pink hijab paired with denim jacket will make you look your best this season. Toss in some white shoes and a brown bag.

How to wear Denim jacket with multi-colored jacket

Feeling the mood to go all-black and denim but still want to add a tinge of shade and character to your attire? Then, this is an excellent suggestion. Combine an all-black tee with jeans and pair it with a denim jacket and a colorful turban hijab style. Throw in some tassel earrings to match your hijab and colorful glasses to show-off. If you love accessories, add bling to your neck, fingers and hands.

We hope you loved our article on how to wear hijab with denim jackets and attires that set the mood right.

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