Top 10 Hijabi Instagrammers you must follow this 2023

Published on December 23, 2022

With hijab fashion rocking the globe with many upcoming different types and styles of hijab receiving more widespread craze, there are many Instagrammers who took fashion to the next level and becoming a style icon by maintaining their religion's modesty. Here are the top 10 hijabi Instagrammers you must follow this 2023.

Leena Asad

A Texas-based fashion bloggeras well as a Hijabi instagrammer, she pairs her hijab with fur shrugs, lace and ruffles. Don't miss the finesse and the details like ripped jeans and a statement Chelsea boot that delivers a striking combination of classic and contemporary.

Ascia al Faraj

One of the leading Hijab fashion Instagrammers, she creates inspirational styles which you can experiment every day. The owner of Desert Baby, a brand that specializes in accessories for babies in Kuwait, she has been inspiring many hijab styles for a while now.

Dina Torkia

Also known as Dina Tokio, she is an Egyptian fashion designer and a hijab fashion blogger who lives in the UK. She is known to mix modesty with trendy styles that keep her one of the most loved instagrammer around the globe.

Farah Emara

A positive and energetic person, Farah is an Egyptian hijab fashionista who spreads a smile across everyone who comes across her profile. Delivering a hip and young style, Farah is also a sports enthusiast and you will often find her posting some of her fitness regimens. This is surely one of the hijab Instagram accounts you must follow.

Habiba Da Silva

As described in her bio as an "international influencer", Habiba da Silva focuses on flowy silhouettes in muted shades that are paired with considerate details like mix-and-match gold rings.

Heba Jalloul

A hardcore blogger and an instagrammer, she is based in New York who knows that even the smallest details are what makes an outfit. Her attraction for intricate embroidery designs, statement touches and classical floral patterns give her attires a fresh, feminine vibe.

Mariah Idrissi

A British model, she stepped into the limelight as H&M's first hijabi model. Between menswear-inspired pieces such as houndstooth coat, turban-style hijabs and statement boots, she represents the cool, confident, contemporary woman she is.

Melanie Elturk

The CEO and founder of Haute Hijab, Melanie started her business in 2010 out of a passion for vintage scarves and all those which represent the timeless fashion. She paired them with modern staples such as blazers, slouchy jeans with state-of-the-art hijab prints.

Marwa Atik

The brains behind Vela Scarves, Marwa has intense eyes for muted hues, sleek silhouettes, statement footwear and intricate details. Imagine boots with zipper-edged hijab.

Dian Pelangi

An Indonesian fashion designer, entrepreneur and a pioneer of hijab fashion, she combines Indonesian embroidery with other conventional methods and luxe accessories for a fresh, fun and fancy look.

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