10 ways to wear Hijab with Skirts

Published on December 28, 2022

This article is regarding 10 ways to wear hijab with skirts.

Stating the obvious, we all know that hijab is a symbol of modesty. One of the most important pieces of clothing for Islamic women, over the years, it has become an iconic piece of fashion with even the brand Nike launching their hijab sportswear.

This blog is specifically designed for girls and women who want to wear hijab with modern attires - the most common being top and skirt. So, in this guide, we will discuss trendy style ideas on how you can wear your hijab with skirts. As there are various shades, patterns and designs available, we will provide you with images so that you can derive lots of ideas on how to pair your skirts with complementing hijabs.

But before that here are some tips which you can follow.

  • Always use a headscarf beneath the hijab to prevent your hijab from slipping off.
  • Consider your face shape before choosing any hijab style. For instance, if you have a round and chubby face, avoid wrapping your hijab tightly. Similarly, if you have a small face, don't wear your hijab loosely.
  • Go for a soft fabric such as chiffon, silk, linen etc. as they look attractive and are not stiff.
  • Don't use too many hijab pins. As they say, less is more. So, go for a single brooch to highlight your hijab.
  • Make sure to set your hair properly before wearing the hijab. Do not wear your hijab on wet hair as it might damage your hair in the long run. Even though people may not be able to see through the hijab, this is for your health and comfort.

Silk Hijab with matching belt

There are so many skirts available online and in retail stores. When you pair them with the right color and style, you are sure to look ravishing. Not only skirt covers the body, it really looks amazing with hijab. Blend it with pair of matching shoes and the right accessories that will enhance your beauty. For instance, take a look at this beige silk hijab that is paired with off-white top, beige belt and blue long skirt.

White Hijab with polka dots skirt

A classic day skirt, Polka dots are simply amazing and evergreen in fashion. The typical black and white polka dot skirt is something which anyone can pull off and look amazing. Combine it with your favorite mint-green solid top, white hijab, black hat and you are sure to steal the show.

Hijab with Tulle Skirt

Tulle skirts are known for their innate feminine and quirky features. It looks good with any top, especially crop top. Be it denim top or checkered top, tulle skirts give off a polished look. So why not complete the look with a hijab? Choose the right hue to match your long tulle skirt and you have got yourself a "sensible work attire". You can further enhance the look by adding a tweed jacket.

Multicolored skirt with plain Hijab

With its long length and settled waist, the multicolored skirtlooks stunning and flatters all figures giving a feminine silhouette. Pair it with a nude-colored top and hijab to stand out from the rest.

Floral skirt with Hijab

A timeless garment that looks chic and elegant, floral skirts are a rob this summer. This long floral skirt can be paired with denim top. Don't forget to pair your floral skirt with matching hijab.

Black floor length skirt with Hijab

Black is one of the classic shades that looks great on any occasion - formal or casual. To get a chic office look, try pairing your black floor length skirt with nude hijab and black or off-white top.

Pink skirt and Black Hijab

Look like the epitome of femininity by pairing the black top with pink long skirt. Finish the look with black hijab and a pair of cool shades.

Striped skirt with Turban Hijab

Bold stripes are undoubtedly a fashion trend this 2023. This black and white striped skirt can be paired eloquently with black top. Finish the look with Turban hijab.

Orange skirt with Hijab

Orange is a funky, pop up shade which when paired with the right hue can rock the look. Watch how she has paired her Orange skirt with blue shirt and a brown hijab to complement the skirt.

Tie and dye Hijab (Scarf) with flowing skirt

Oh!!! how much do we love this tie and dye hijab that is synchronized effectively with same-colored top and free flowing skirt.

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