Top 5 Plus Size Fashion Hijabi Bloggers you should Follow

Published on December 27, 2022

For the longest time, many believed that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, but beauty also means loving oneself and being comfortable in one's skin regardless of the colors, shapes and sizes. The evolving trend in shifts encourages to be happy in one's body shape and how important it is to be confident in being in one's skin. In today's article, we will talk about Top 5 Plus Size Fashion Hijabi Bloggers who redefined fashion and are proud to flaunt their body curves confidently.

IntanKemala Sari ( )

Kemala Sari is a 27-year old Indonesian blogger who loves to talk about her wide range of passion which includes fashion, travel, and beauty. A self-motivated person, her tagline To my Mind is - "Honest and sometimes random". She is also an avid Instagrammer where she posts amazing images which mark the best fashion goals. Redefining the concept of beauty, Kemala stands at Number 1 position of the Plus Size Fashion Hijabi bloggers.

Had you at Salaam (

The uber-talented ShahdKhidir from NYC is sure among the top plus size fashion hijabi bloggers to follow 2020. We admire her courage to talk about body shaming in Instagram and her videos. Her struggle with weight gain and weight loss and her struggles to maintain a healthy weight have inspired many women across the globe. It is surely inspiring when people take social media platforms to let others know that they are not alone.

Learn through her tips and tricks to do makeup, have healthy skincare and her casual style of fashion. Being an African, she loves to talk about her culture and how she handles both her cultural clothing and contemporary fashion naturally.

Sarah Aziz ( )

Sarah Aziz is one of the most followed Plus Size Hijabi Fashion Bloggers. Known for her eclecticfashion sense, she is worthy of every praise. A Malaysian, she carries a Southeastern hijab style that works well with contemporary fashion. But what we absolutely love is that she doesn't believe in keeping beauty standards and is all about promoting body positivity.

She believes that style knows no size and that's something we all agree with.

Happily Hafsa ( )

A mom of three beautiful children, Hafsa is based in Chicago who loves helping moms to be happy with their bodies and with themselves. Though she has a simple and minimal style, her fashion inspiration is something we just adore and follow. Be it her winter coats or beautiful scarfs, the combination makes it a lively post to look forward to on Instagram. Hafsa is vocal about body-shaming when it comes to skin color or body weight. On other occasions, she talks about her loving family and her relationship with husband.

She related as to how she saw him for the first time on her university campus where he had draped a Canadian flag, running and screaming over Canada's victory on the World Junior Hockey Championship. At that moment, she told her friend, "I feel so bad for whoever marries this crazy guy".

She speaks so much about her struggles, weaknesses and how she overcame them successfully. Unlike few bloggers who opt out of speaking their struggles and making their life seem picture-perfect, Hafsa is open about her struggle with weight, motherhood and her profession that is genuine.

Plus by Mai

The brain behind the Plus By Mai Instagram profile, Mai Alsaudi is a Middle Eastern blogger and is a mother to a baby girl named Ameera.Around 116 million women are affected by PCOS symptoms. In her blog - Iamakhaleejigirl, she talks about her struggle with PCOS.

Oh, how much do we love her chic and comfortable fashion outfits!!! Being an Arab, she observes Hijab and we simply adore her love for nude shades that she can pull off with almost any outfit. Her simple yet stylish personal touch includes stunning accessories such as sunglasses, shoulder bags and footwear.

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