4 Marvellous Hijab Styles for 2023

Published on December 27, 2022

With 2019 enriched with simplicity, this year is all set to welcome some bold, brash and beautiful looks. From bohemian-inspired 70s to unapologetic shades of pink, exotic embellishments, this 2023 is sure to have your wardrobe enriched with seriously striking shades. Read on to take a look at the 4 Marvellous Hijab Styles For 2023.

The 70s inspired fashion

The 70s were the time when fashion-inspired millions. This spring its all about bringing back the wild, free bohemian touch to your outfits. The perfect match for your hijab, imagine long, floating floral dresses, clashing prints, suede jackets and lavish hints of detailed fringes. Match the style by pairing a patterned blouse with a floral skirt and a plain-colored scarf.

To evoke the black boho charm, floaty maxi dress with faux fur jackets with leather bucket bags and huge necklaces that add a finishing touch.

Spanish Estilo

If you have an observant eye in fashion, you will notice that hints of Spanish culture can be seen in ramp walks. Needless to say, it's a fantastic way of presentingvivaciousfeminine charm for a daytime look. Deriving inspiration from Flamenco dancers and traditional toreadors, the styling creativity is limitless. For instance, you can pin a floral hairclip over your hijab or infuse a colorful embellishment to your plain outfit.

If you are feeling more creative, go for a bolero-styled cropped jacket and match it with a jersey midi dress. You can also pair it with a matching skirt for a sophisticated work outfit.

Pairing it with Pleats

Convey a contemporary look with sharp pleats that are so in this 2023. Picture this - crisp pleats on flowing Muslim maxi dress which is paired with a skinny waist belt looks fresh and rich. You can also contrast it as a skirt against the tailor-made outlines of a crisp blouse. Make sure to opt for razor pleats instead of large folds as it gives a sharp, precise and flowy look that looks impeccable.

Pretty in Pink

Pink is always in season but in this 2023, it has a special place. With dusky rose termed as the shade of the year, many are indulging in blush-toned colors. From softly draped wrap tops to ballet-inspired floaty skirts to soft silk scarves, you will not go wrong with this classic pink. To enhance your look, choose gold as a combination shade - soft yellow gold, deep rose gold are two tones that deliver the right kind of glitter and glow to highlight the warm pink hues.

So, which will be your favorite hijab style for 2023? With tempting trends coming your way, you will find good excuses to shop more and kickstart a new fresh look.

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