Best 15 Ideas to Organize your Hijab for Daily Wear

Published on December 29, 2022

If you are a hijab or scarf lover, you will be having a wide range of collection and some pretty alluring hijabs and underscarves. The challenge here is organizing your hijab collection. Hence, we give you the best 15 ideas to organize your hijab for daily wear.

We understand organizing your hijab is undoubtedly a dreary task. On the other hand, imagine dumping all the hijabs in your closet and having to hunt for a particular hijab in the maze of your wardrobe. It will also help in taking care of your hijab while keeping it wrinkle-free. That said, we give you some amazing ways to organize your hijabs.

But before that, here are some tips for you to keep your hijabs well-organized.

  • Take time off at least once a week to press all your hijab if you are a busy woman and don't have the time to iron every day.
  • Decide how you want to arrange them i.e. in a hanging or folded manner.
  • Split your hijab into different categories. For instance, you can categorize them as formal, informal, special occasions, daily wear, etc. OR by color, fabric, size, etc.
  • Don't set your hijab with a single outfit as one hijab can look great on multiple attires. This way, you won't ruin your wardrobe every day.
  • Make sure to keep a separate box for underscarves.
  • Also, neatly arrange an accessory box to keep all your hijab pins, clips and other embellishments.

Organizing your room and space will really freshen up your mood and spread out a positive vibe. A prearranged wardrobe is a quicker way to choose a suitable design or color as well as keep it wrinkle-free and neat.

Buy Hijab Organizers

Who doesn't love perfectly organized hijabs that are easy to pick and choose? The best way to kickstart organizing your hijab is by grabbing a good organizer from your nearest store. Be it retail or from online, choose the one that works well for you. There are several designs available such as honeycomb, loop hanger etc.

Hijab Accessories

Once you organize your hijab, it's time to arrange the accessories too. Buy a small organizer to stash all your accessories inside. It will help you in selecting the right outfit for your hijab.

A Scarf Hanger

Buy a hijab organizer online such as from Ikea through which you can hang as many hijabs as you can. You can also DIY a hijab organizer to maintain a hassle-free hijab collection. The best part about plastic hijab organizers is they don't get rusty and also can hold up to 25-35 hijabs based on the size. The plastic coating makes it easy to clean the organizer and keep it dust-free.

Cloth Peg Holder for Hijab

Trending is flaunting the hijab collection upright in the bedroom. We hope at this point you are excited to organize your hijab. If it is and if you can't afford any fancy hijab organizer, then you can create one for yourself. Follow these steps.

  • Buy cardboard or a wooden plank, cloth pegs, hammer, nail, hook, string and glue.
  • Clothes pegs are usually made of plastic or wood so make sure you buy a glue that works on both. Fix the pegs on the wooden plank.
  • Now attach a string on the top side of the plank similar to the wall hanging.
  • Hook it up anywhere in your room or just hammer on any blank space of your room to proudly display your masterpiece.
  • Pin your hijabs once you are done.

Mini Box Organizers in Drawers

If you don't prefer hanging your hijabs and rather store in the cozy drawers of your wardrobe, then this is an excellent choice. You can buy individual mini boxes/organizers and place them in the drawer to organize your hijabs efficiently. A great idea for beginners while loved by experts, the mini box organizers are a great choice for those who want to differentiate their daily wear of hijabs, underscarves etc.

Matching Hijab with your Outfit

This certainly does take some effort. If you want to be color-coordinated and want to wear the hijab only with its matching dress, make sure to place all your hijab with its corresponding dresses. This will save you a lot of time deciding on what to wear and what to pair. However, make sure that you have hijab for every outfit and are not pulling from other attire.

Shower Curtain Rings as a Hijab Organizer

If you love to "DIY hijab organizer", then this is probably the easiest one. Buy a few shower curtain rings and put them in the towel rod. Fix them in any place you like and arrange all your hijabs.

Pant Hanger as a Hijab Organizer

Easily available at any retail store, the simple pant hanger is an excellent way to store your hijab. It is a fantastic space saver and can hold a good number of hijabs. Place it in your wardrobe along with the combined color-coordinated dress so that you can grab the best pair every day.

Cloth Hanger as Hijab Hanger

You can use your cloth hangers for making a perfect and easy to use hijab organizer. Choose the ones that have embedded loops which will be easily available online or nearby clothing store.

Hanger with loops for Organizing Hijab

By now, you must have realized there are so many cheap ideas to organize your hijab without burning a hole in your wallet. For this idea, use any normal clothing hanger. Buy a few shower rings and tie them to the hanger using a string or ribbons. This way you can make as many organizers as you want. You can build a few for hijabs and underscarves as well. The best part you don't have to spend time folding your hijabs. Simply place them through the loop and pull out whenever needed. A definite try for the daily busy routine.

Shoe rack as a Hijab Organizer

A shoe rack...really??? Why not? The Shoe rack is a versatile product that can also be used as a hijab organizer. Place it behind the door and you got a neat way to utilize the blank space!!! It also works as a great way to display your hijab collection in a gorgeous way.

Using Towel bars as a Hijab Organizer

As the wise say, "Simple things can make a huge difference". What better way to create an excellent hijab organizer by using the bath towel bar? A humble product that is available at a cheap price, choose a wall/place or an area in your wardrobe and tie all your hijabs on it. Free from ironing or folding, they are accessible when you need it in a jiffy.

Tie Belt Hanger to Store your Hijab

This tie belt hanger is the perfect way to store all your hijabs effortlessly in your wardrobe. As they come in multiple rows, the colors are straight away displayed making it easier to choose your ideal hijab every day. This is a fanciful space saver as you can store more hijabs if you are dealing with minimal wardrobe space.

Wall Pockets for Storing your Hijabs

Many use wall pocket organizers for storing keys, calendars, and other accessories OR for gardening purposes. However, reinvent its use by incorporating it as a hijab organizer as well. That's right. Store your hijabs in this wall pockets organizer and store it behind your door or inside the wardrobe. A flawless and fantastic organizer, it is available in numerous colors that enhance the beauty of your room.

Utilize the Drawers

Many of you may not like hanging the hijabs or just have space issues. At such instance, it is better to spare a couple of drawers based on your hijab collection. Roll your hijabs and place it in the drawer. It will not only keep your hijab dust-free but lurking eyes as well. The only downside is that your hijab might get folding lines needing you to iron them regularly.

Final thoughts

That pretty much covers cheap and effective ways to organize your hijab.

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