Top 11 Summer Hijab styles for school

Published on December 27, 2022

With summer around the corner, everyone had enough of cold weather and are planning a few summer outfits to beat the heat. As you are shifting the gear to an all-new year at your school, here are Top 11 Summer Hijab styles which you can try this year.

We understand that with the hectic life of the school and keeping up with the latest trends, it can be tough to look good every day. Hence, we give you few easy hijab outfit ideas for summer. Summer is all about wearing light colors and looking fresh and radiant. Read on these few tips and tricks for your summer times.

  • Choose light and fresh colors that are apt for the summer season.
  • Do not add layers to your hijab, especially in summer and if you need to, let's say, to cover a sleeveless top, go for thin or breathable fabrics such as cotton, chiffon or lawn.
  • Accessorize your hijab using cool sunglasses and a pair of funky earrings.
  • As the sun is at its peak, go for wide-legged pants such as palazzo, skirts and any loose outfit that keeps you comfortable than jeans.
  • Start stocking in lightweight hijabs and clothes to get through warmer days.

Here are the best summer hijab outfits for school.

Ethnic summer Hijab Style

Asian Kurtis are the most loved and versatile outfits that can be easily experimented with. A blessing for Muslim girls, you can pair Kurtis with your hijab easily and flaunt it as a summer hijab style for school. Pair a printed or floral Kurti with light black or blue jeans with a light solid-colored hijab. Kurti is an excellent choice for summers. Be it plain or printed, short Kurti or Knee-length Kurti, it will look good on you.

If at all you reside in a place where Kurti is not easily accessible, then go for shift dresses that can get the job done.

Summer Hijab style for a lazy, casual day

There are times when we just feel lazy to get out of bed and want to just have a relaxing day. If you are trying hard to make an effort of wearing something good, we have your back. Check out the lazy day outfit. Go for a white full sleeves button-down shirt or a plain white T-shirt and pair it with your baggy everyday pajamas that are both airy and comfortable. It can even be your night suit PJs so you can just attend the class, come back home and have a good night's sleep. Finish this Summer Hijab style with room slippers or sneakers. Whether you want to go with no-makeup or light make-up is up to you.

Long dress hijab outfit for summer

Thinking how to style a long dress in summer? Trust me, there is nothing better than wearing a long dress on hijabs as a summer outfit. Maxi dress, frock style and long tight dress style go well with hijabs. In fact, they are the perfect Modest summer outfits and many hijabis would definitely agree on this part.

On any typical summer school day, combine a plain frock style long dress with your preferred white joggers and finish it with a black/white hijab. Nothing beats the hot summer than a breathable long dress that speaks comfort and style.

Summer Casual Wear Hijab Outfit

Straight pants and striped shirts are the perfect summers daily wear outfits which you can pair with your hijab. At days, when you want to play with subtle shades, you can opt for simple straight pants and a striped shirt that will undoubtedly brighten the day. You can also opt for light fabric pants, baggy shirt tied around the waist and a simple hijab that just looks perfect. You can also try adding different shirts or a layer of shrug to the outfitat your discretion.

High Waisted Straight Pants with Hijab

Flare Pants and High Waisted Straight Pants rocked 2019 and are continuing to be in trend. Pair it with T-shirts and make it look cool and casual this summer. You can pair it with a fancy silk top as well. If you are using plain pants and top, go with a designed hijab that makes an excellent outfit.

If you feel sluggish, combine straight pants with a striped short body T-shirt. If you are going for lunch after school with your girls, you can try a colorful, bright fancy floral top for a fresh and vibrant look.

Latest fashion Hijab style with Skirt outfit

Skirts are an epitome of contemporary fashion that is trendy, comfortable and stylish. Pair it with a fully-covered tucked-in shirt and it is nifty enough so that you can dress up or dress down. A definite Yes for the summer, pair your favorite skirt with a T-shirt or button-down denim tucked in and you are setting a whole new look for yourself.Pair a floral or a plain skirt at your discretion with a light hijab which makes it easy to pull off the conventional and contemporary look with absolute ease. Complete the look with platform heels that are easy to walk around when you are following a hectic schedule.

Striped Trousers with modern Hijab fashion

A stunning piece of fabric art, striped trousers are simply impeccable. This means you can never go wrong with this outfit. Combine your striped trouser with a plain, round-neck shirt and a nude-colored hijab. Absolutely chic, comfortable and in fashion, striped pajamas are classic. Wear your favorite sunglasses, comfy slippers and you are ready for your day.

Turban style Hijab with a baggy long shirt

Many feel difficult to carry wrapped up hijab around the neck especially under the hot, scorching sun. On such days, turban styled hijab is a savior. Wear your favorite long, oversized patterned shirt with your chosen tights or skinny jeans and feel comfortable throughout the day. Be it lunch with your friends or as a summer outfit for school, such nonchalant outfits are a breeze of relief as it gives the body lots of room to breathe and stay sweat-free. As the shirt is loose, air circulation is good and since you are wearing a turban styled hijab, it also keeps the neck area free and breathable for airflow.

Summer Hijab style with boyfriend shirts

Boyfriend shirts are a great choice to beat the summer heat. On a weekend, visit your nearby discount retail store and pick up the coolest oversized baggy boyfriend shirts. Imagine how good you will look in the striped boyfriend shirt with ankle skinny jeans and a light-colored hijab. Complete the look with comfortable slippers, your cherished sunglasses and you are all set.

Distressed Jeans with Hijab

An essential to summer school, distressed mom jeans with a black shirt with a lightweight hijab scream style and trend with a hint of modesty. A light yet smart choice, it will get you through some bad lazy and humid days. Play with your outfit with various shades of shirts including patterned uppers for a chic look.

Casual summer Hijab outfit for Moody Mondays

Last on the list of Summer hijab outfit ideas is this cool 'n' casual outfit. After a busy weekend, going to Mondays can tend to be moody and morose. For those who are dealing with Moody Mondays, this would be a smart outfit that every hijabi would love. Go with a plain old button-down shirt or tunic top. Combine it with any pastel or light-colored hijab and jeans.

Final thoughts

We hope you really liked our ideas for summer hijab styles for school. These quirky outfits are easy to pull off and is sure to make you look chic while keeping you comfortable this season.

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