Choosing Hijab Wrap Styles as per Different Attires

Published on December 24, 2022

Though there are different ways to style your hijab that goes with all face shapes, pairing it with the right attire matters. However, it is not an easy task choosing hijab types as per your dressing style. Hence, we have given you the best hijab wrap styles and the combination attire with which they look great.

A Boho Style

This is a current trending style that gives out a careless vibe. The one-sided hijabi back do looks like a gypsy feeling for your outfit.

For Formal Meets or Classic Look

Look classy, sophisticated with this tight and well-wrapped headscarf that syncs well with your formal attire.

Evening Wear

Be it ordinary wraps or back do looks great with your evening attire. However, it all comes to your evening dress. Pick what suits your style and keeps you comfortable.

A Casual Look

The loose hijab wrap style is best for casual wear as it gives you more liberty while moving and offering you the freedom to experiment with your look with an earring.

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Sportive Style

Go for ordinary wraps since you will be wearing a jumper/sweatshirt with sneakers. Hence, both tight wraps or loose scarves go well with this style.

Relaxing Style

When you are wearing loose clothes, make sure to contrast it with tight hijab wrap style. That's why well-wrapped hijabs go well with this outfit.

Turban styled hijabs are simply perfect for beach attire. Modest, Flexible and unique, they rock your look.

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