Which is better - Jersey Hijab or Chiffon Hijab?

Published on December 23, 2022

In this guide, we will talk about the two most commonly used materials - jersey and chiffon. Also, read which is better - jersey hijab or chiffon hijab.

When you are buying hijabs online, many people are feeling sceptical because they cannot determine the quality or nature of the fabric. We understand the confusion and hence want to make you feel as comfortable and secure which you feel while shopping in a retail store. While encrypting the shopping experience, we are here to help you recognize the two most popular and common materials: jersey and chiffon. Different from each other, they carry numerous benefits.

Jersey hijabs

Jersey hijabs are a versatile product that is best to use numerous occasions. Take a look at some of the benefits of buying Jersey hijabs.

  • Stretchable Fabric -Jersey fabric is known for its natural stretchability. This makes it perfect for those who are looking for a scarf that serves multiple uses. The stretchability helps in holding and retaining its natural shape but also serves to experiment with different styles.
  • Breathable Fabric -though a medium-weight fabric, the jersey is a breathable fabric and hence oozes comfort.This is a blessing if you spend most of your outside or under hot weather. It also wicks moisture such as sweat and keeps you cool making it a comfortable material to own.
  • Is a versatile Fabric -Another perk of owning jersey hijab is that it serves multiple purposes. From daily use to workouts to lounging, they are practical, fit and adjust as per your needs.
  • No need for safety pins -Lastly, a Jersey hijab does not require pins. It stays in place and will look great on its own regardless of any style or design. If you hate using pins daily, jersey hijab is a fantastic product.

Chiffon hijabs

A fantastic fabric that delivers a classy feel, chiffon hijabs offer some great advantages to consider which makes it a practical material for those who are on the look for something that is comfortable for special occasions.

  • Suitable for special events -Even though chiffon hijabs can be worn every day, they are mostlyreserved for any special occasions such as weddings. A free-flowing fabric, you can either keep it straight or pleat it at your discretion. They will make your outfit shine through and make you stand apart from the crowd while maintaining modesty.
  • Pair it with under scarves -Chiffon scarves are extra flowy by nature. They also add a lustrousfeel and can be paired with an underscarf of a matching colour. For those who want contrasting colours, try distinct colour shades that will compliment your look.
  • Pair it with magnetic or designer pins -Accentuate your chiffon scarves with jewelled pins or brooch that will enhance your look. For those who feel that pins can give you a sense of self-expression, chiffon is the best material to pair it with.
  • Lightweight and silky -A lightweight, silky smooth and free-flowing fabric, it is breathable which makes it a good choice in hot summer or in a small room with many people. The airy design of the fabric makes it comfortable to wear and trending for any distinct events.
  • Nonslip fabric -Though many people think chiffon is slick due to its lightweight feel, they are actually nonslip. This will be practical when you feel the need for extra security knowing that your scarf does not need any adjustments, especially when you are at an event. It helps in keeping pin use minimal.

Which is better?

Truth be told, you will be wearing both of these fabrics for different purposes. Frankly, there is no such thing as one fabric better than the other as it all comes down to your choice and figuring out which suits your needs.

  • Need a hijab that is flexible and serves multi-purpose use? - Go with Jersey hijab.
  • Need to dress up while focusing on tiny details such as pins? - Go with Chiffon hijab.

Usually, jersey hijabs are known to be more practical for everyday use because of their lightweight, comfortability and the fact that you need not use pins.That said, chiffon hijabs deliver a sense of sophistication that makes it an impressive fabric.

So the next time you shop, take a look at these key points and you will feel more in control of your options while shopping hijabs online.

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