5 Ways to Wear Silk Hijabs in Different for Various Occasions

Published on December 26, 2022

In this 21st century, silk hijabs are gaining popularity amongst women. In fact, Silk hijabs have become a fashion statement not only for Islamic women but non-Islamic women as well which includes many fashion experts who are creating different silk hijab patterns and designs and flaunting them proudly on fashion shows.

Silk not only feels soft on your skin but also adds a luxurious and royal look to your entire outfit. If you love wearing silk hijabs but are thinking how to secure it efficiently and when to wear, here are few ideas on how you can wear silk hijabs in various occasions and style them in different ways.

Note: Underscarves are undoubtedly required when you are wearing a silk hijab as they keep them from sliding off. Another important element is hijab pins which are absolutely necessary, preferably the long ones. Needless to say, self-clasping pins are always the preferred choice.

Silk Hijabs for hangout with friends

Having good time with friends is always a moment to cherish no matter how much you grow up. At bad moments, a quick hangout with friends can make things feel better than before. Choose abayas in similar shades or color coordinate with silk hijabs. Silk hijabs can make even the simplest of the attire look appealing and regal.

Check out this amazing outfit you can wear to your next hangout with friends. The red pleated skirt looks amazing paired with the maroon sweater and the silk hijab. The heel boots heighten the overall look of the wearer. Complete this look with a pink lipstick, a light chain in your neck, crossbody bag and a cool shade.

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Printed Silk Hijabs for any occasion

Printed silk hijabs started trending in 2019 and are still going strong this 2020. If you are bored with solid-colored hijabs, then this is definitely something new you should try it. Printed silk hijabs not only look aesthetic but also give you a deluxe taste.

The best way to highlight printed silk hijabs is by pairing them with plain tops. There are many online hijab stores where you can find best deals. Why, you can even borrow silk dupattas and use them as hijabs. Choose your style - Dupatta style or Turban style or ponytail style.

Silk Hijabs for office

Why not try silk hijabs as work wear? They are sure to give you a formal vibe. Take a look at this hijabi blogger who looks professional in her office look. Donning high waist wide leg pants with an orange-gold top, her silk hijab, clutch and shades nail the look.

Silk Hijabs for flowy attire

There is no woman in the planet who does not love a flowy outfit. Flowy maxi dress or lengthy skirts can make any woman look absolutely gorgeous and captivating. Put on a simple light makeup, a clutch bag with your choice of maxi dress and a nude-colored silk hijab and look naturally attractive.

Silk Hijab with Black Abaya

Most of the hijabis love wearing Abayas. If so, you have a great advantage of not worrying about your outfit. However, make sure that your Abaya is personalized as per your body shape. All you have to do is color-coordinate your Silk hijab with Abaya. Choose a multi-layered style silk hijab that works well with your Abaya for a good day at office.

We hope you loved the ideas to wear silk hijab for various occasions.

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