Top 11 Dubai Style Embroidered Abayas

Published on December 31, 2022

In recent times, Dubai style embroidered Abayas have become a global fashion icon for many. What makes the Abayas unique is its minimalistic yet aesthetically appealing designs that give you a chic and classy look. This is one of the main reasons why people love wearing these stylish abayas online from Dubai or even ask their friends or family to get a few of them while they visit.

The best part isyou can wear Abayas with hijabs that are available in a variety of styles, designs, and patterns for a glamorous look. The best quality abayas may cost more than the usual ones but they are not only long-lasting but the embroidery and patterns embedded are simply beautiful and mind-blowing.

The combination of Abaya and Hijab creates a stunning look all round the year. For instance, in winters, you can flaunt your silk Abayas with embroidery while in summers, embroidered chiffon Dubai Abayas with stripes, polka dots, florals or panels are a great choice. Even Arabic lawn abayas with crochet or embroidery or printed designs are trending these days. Abayas made using thick fabric such as denim Abayas, leather Abayas, corduroy abayas etc. are best reserved for winters.

Latest Dubai Abaya Styles 2023

Everyone knows how important hijabs and abayas are to a Muslim woman especially if they are visiting Hajj. Women all over the world wear Dubai style Abayas as they are quite popular. The trims and cuts have evolved over time as per the needs of the people and hence there is no specific way to define a Dubai abaya style. However, in general, Dubai style abayas are meant to have glittery stones, thread work, sequin work, embellishments etc. The Dubai style Embroidered Abayas also come in different cuts and styles such as frock style abaya, fancy abaya, gown style abaya and many more. These abayas not only looks modest but also looks stylish and feminine thus enhancing the wardrobe of any Muslimah.

Dubai Abaya styles are also available in different colors such as pure, white, blue etc. with black being the most popular and default one. Lacework abayas is another feature of Dubai abayas that look amazing on anyone. You can find these abayas at any retail stores, shopping malls or online. You will also find Abayas that are designed for special occasions and events and modern style abayas for daily wear. You will also find unstitched materials so that you can personalize your Abaya design to suit your needs and requirements.

As black abayas are the most popular one, we begin by displaying some of the best Black Dubai Abayas.

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Black Dubai Abayas for Summers

Open shirt Abayas are a great choice for summer as they are not only lightweight but also work effectively as formal wear. They are sleek and smart designs that function perfectly on your body shape. Pair it with a decent hijab to enhance your appearance. If you are going for a party, try the glamorous black abaya that features shimmering frills with shocking pink on the base and arms. You can pair it with a matching shiny hijab and silver, pink pin. Make sure to wear stylish sandals of silver, black or pink contrasts to complete the look.

Here are few of the long-flowing black Dubai Abayas.

Dubai Abayas - Blogger Style

Here we give you the best abayas by Dubai based blogger, Saufeeya Goodson. A stylish and classy woman, she proves that modest outfits can be as gorgeous as any other outfit. Her Abaya collections are a treat for your eyes. The best part is that her Abayas are both modest and modern that glam up the look by 3000. Notice how she completes her look using sunglasses (which obviously is a need in Dubai). Fashion inspiration to many, she shows how you can wear abayas for work and how to create a sensational new look every day without being bored.

Minimalist Embroidered Abayas

As they say, "Less is more". This year kick up the notch of fashion gear by this phrase. Minimalistic designs reign this decade's fashion industry and are applied in your Abayas as well. Unlike overly shimmering and blingy designs are in the past. Minimal embroidered abayas look simply gorgeous and highlight the beauty of the Abaya.

For instance, check out this pastel blue Abaya that comes with gorgeous bell sleeves that feature simple sequin embroidery patterns.

Designer Dubai Abayas

This designer Dubai Abayas features the best work of Moroccan-French designer Nora Sahraoui. Sahraoui designs Abayasthat makes any Muslimah feel special as they look modest. Both the quality and the designs of her Abayas are an incredible level as she chooses top-rated materials and never compromises on their quality. She even imports fabrics from around the world including France and Morocco to create fabulous and fun abayas.

Where to buy Abayas in Dubai?

We will share the top 5 places to buy Abayas in Dubai.


This is one of the top brands which is based in Jeddah and not Dubai. However, you can always buy them online. You can also find a good range of this brand at Les Foulards in Dubai Mall who stock this brand. Their Abayas are a statement piece that features detailed beadwork and intricate embroideries on premium quality fabrics. Even the colors they include to create the Abayas are scintillating. This is because they not only create black or pastel-colored Abayas but also design some vibrant colors and designs. What's best they have created a different selection of work Abayas, off-duty Abayas and evening Abayas giving you myriad collections to choose from.


This year is all about choosing simple, stylish designs that speak volume about your fashion quotient. Minimalistic Dubai style embroidered Abayas are just eye-catching and designer Faiza Bouguessa ensures that her Abayas do just that.

A talented designer, the prices for her Abayas starts at $1100 but it's mainly due to the quality and style infused to create this marvelous collection. This makes it worth the price. You can find an amazing range of Abayas which you never might have even imagined. For example, the trench and cardigan Abayas are a must-have in your wardrobe collection as winter collection. You will also find exemplary designs such as Kimono Abayas and Wrap Abayas.


Hanayen has more than 7 stores in Dubai which includes the Dubai Mall, Emirates Mall, and Deira City Center. If you want Abayas within a budget that not only looks great but also feels incredible, then Hanayen is the reliable brand for you. The price range of the Abayas start from $110 and they also offer many items on sale.

The first one is a Black Dubai Style Abaya that features golden embroidery in paisley motifs and matching Sheila. Ideal for late-night parties or wedding events, you can buy this outfit at a discounted price.


Undoubtedly one of the most top names when it comes to luxurious Dubai Abayas, Almotahajiba Abayas are simply a class apart. Creating a diverse collection called "Almotahajiba signature", they fulfill the needs of women who want unique and stand-out abayas. What makes this brand is their immense collection of not just Abayas but also scarves, Jalabiya, hijabs and even perfumes.

But what we love most of all is the mother-daughter matching sets that look so adorable and cute. So, if you love twinning with your precious one, you know where to buy Abayas and dresses.

If you are not residing in Dubai, you can always shop online as they offer free shipping for most of the countries. Almotahajiba also categorizes their Abayas as evening wear, daily wear, wedding wear, classic and special occasion Abayas which makes it easy to browse through. While classic abayas fall somewhere in the range of $174-500, formal wedding abayas come under the price range of $500-700.

Geelato Abayas

Geelato's Abayas stand out because of their amazing finish and stylish cuts. Regardless you are a teenager or a woman, you will find your choice of Abayas that surpasses your expectations of style and taste.

What makes the brand a hit is they provide mobile apps for both iOS and Android users. The price range of Geelato Abayas fallssomewhere around AED 1200 to AED 2000. The best part, however, is that regardless of your choice of Abaya, you can customize it to your fitting needs.

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