15 Trending Muslim Hijab Styles for any face shape

Published on December 20, 2022

For a Muslim woman, among the various accessories, the one that shines through is the Hijab. Though a piece of cloth, it holds prominence in the Islamic culture. Hijab is wrapped to cover the head and the chest as you step out of the house or in front of outsiders. Also known as parda, headscarf etc. Hijabs are generally made out of cotton material. Though the hijab was worn with a single style, as times evolved, it is now available in different styles and patterns.

Sports Hijab

Nike pioneered this one. A sports Muslim hijab style, the length of the hijab is a bit small than the usual one. Nike launched this product specifically for Muslim sportswomen. A stretchable material, it covers the head perfectly without moving from the head.


Colourful Hijab Style

This bright hijab in Islam carries colorful patterns that work on any solid attire making you look fabulous.


Black Hijab Style

This classic black is versatile and works on all outfits easily. Easy to wear, there are various Muslim hijab styles which you can incorporate to get a different look each time.


Floral Hijab

One of the trending hijabsis the floral hijab that features a floral print on it. Embedded with flowers and various colour patterns, it looks beautiful and attractive. In fact, this floral hijab is illustrated in the Muslim hijab image above. The best part is it goes with a lot of your wardrobe collection.


Shimmer Hijab

Suitable for any informal occasions such as weddings, parties of any get together, this shimmer hijab features shimmery embellishments. You will find many glittering sprinkles that add panache your look.It goes with western outfits or traditional ones as per your choice.


Long Hijab Style

One of the latest trends carrying forward from 2019 to 2020 is the long hijab pattern. It has a longer length than the actual hijab (that goes down till the chest) and is tied in such a manner that it covers most of the upper part.


Hijab Wear

In this picture, we show you the proper way to wear a proper hijab that covers your head as well as your upper body part.


Animal Print Hijab

Check out this interesting hijab style with animal prints. Suitable for western outfits, it gives you a completely different look. Apart from animal prints, you will find different patterns and colors available online.

Loose Hijab Style

Many Muslim women love this type of hijab as it is easy to wear and doesn't call for the need for many pins.


Red Hijab Style

A simple solid color, red denotes power and confidence. This red Muslim hijab style meshes well with almost all outfit, especially with women who wear burqa that covers the whole body. The black burqa works well with the red hijab.


Hijab Dress Style

The Hijab dress is a unique pattern where the hijab is attached to the dress for wearing. This is a unique Islamic dress that is somewhat different from burqa.It also comes in different colours and patterns and its length extend to your ankles.


Western Hijab Style

Pair your western outfit with these western hijabs.As you can see there are a lot of ways through which you can incorporate this western hijab with your contemporary attire. They go well with jeans, palazzos or any other modern wear effortlessly.


Turkish Hijab Style

In the Turkish hijab style, the length of the hijab is long while the dress (i.e. the gown) complements the hijab with longer length (up to ankles) and even more. This Muslim Hijab style is available with embroidery work, patterns and shimmery work and is worn for weddings or any special occasions. Attach in this attire means the hijab is already tied and you just have to wear it.


Work Hijab Style

For the career-oriented women, we give you this work hijab style. Embedded with some beads and minimal shimmer, this Islamic hijab fashion is a black long abaya that looks professional.


Knee Hijab Style

One of the most loved Muslim hijab fashions is this knee-length hijab. For those who look to go lower on maintaining hijab style, this is excellent wear. It is worn in such a way that it covers the head, whole upper part of the body and moves further down below the knees. Worn mostly with a western outfit like jeans and teamed with a shrug, this knee-length hijab is catching on this 2020.


There are a lot of Muslim hijab styles, patterns and designs which you can try. Match your outfit with the hijab style and you are all set to rock each day.

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