White Abayas - A traditional gown For Wedding

Published on March 31, 2022

Abaya is a famous type of Arabic dress. In real world, Abaya is an outer garment that wear in muslim women. This garment is a long-sleeved, floor-length dress type outfit that covers the body of women. Abaya is worn over the normal clothes before going out from the home. It is loose flowy and hides the curves of the women body.

Abaya gives more choice to colours and models. But the traditional colour of the Abaya is Black. Nowadays, women want to try latest new fashion styles. Therefore, the designers use to design Abaya in different designs, patterns, colours and types. They can choose according to their needs and occasions. One of the marvellous Abaya is White Abaya. A white Abaya looks very elegant colour of a woman. A white colour is associated with innocence and purity. White colour gives a positivity. White colour attracts more. So Peoples choose white abaya for wedding Functions.

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