21 Maang Tikka Designs which you would Love

Published on December 23, 2022

The intricate Maang Tikka designs play an essential role in Indian bridal wear, especially in Hindu and Islamic marriages. While many consider that Maang Tikkas are restricted only for bridal wear, trends break this stereotype and many women of all ages don spectacular Maang Tikka designs easily. In our guide, we will take a look at 21 Maang Tikka Designs trending this 2023.

It is said that the exact center of the forehead houses the sixth chakra which as per Hindu mythology represents the third eye. It depicts the ability of a person to control emotions and the power of concentration.

The popularity of Maang Tikka has grown over the years with many fashion designers and stylists finding new ways to wear it. While only brides used to wear Maang tikkas, nowadays even bridesmaids wear it for functions such as Mehndi, Sangeet etc. with Lehengas and Anarkalis for a boho look.

The best part is not just Indian celebrities but even international singers such as Alicia Keys, Dita Von Teese, Shakira etc. have been seen flaunting Maang Tikkas.

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Here are 21 Maang Tikka Designs which you are sure to fall in love with.

Evergreen Paasa Maang Tikka

Popular in Muslim weddings, the Paasa Maang Tikka comes from the ecstatic state of Uttar Pradesh. What makes this Maang Tikka unique is that it is worn diagonally on the side of the head.

Kundan or Pearl Maang Tikka with Chandbali

There are various designs available such as multi-layered Maang tikkas that completely covers your head. You can also choose between Pearl or Kundan work that accentuates the look of your Maang Tikka.

Netri Chutti

Known as Netri Chutti in Karnataka, Maang Tikka from this state features intricate designs that are extremely pleasing to the eyes.

Mattha Patti

Taken from the tranquil state of Jammu and Kashmir, this Mattha Patti gives complete coverage of the forehead and is usually worn with the Kashmiri bridal attire.

Borla Maang Tikka

A pendant-like ornament, Borla is a popular Maang Tikka design in Rajasthan and is especially loved by Rajputs. A fashionable embellishment, it is an eminentheadgear loved by brides and Rajasthani women during special occasions. It is also an excellent Maang tikka design for a round face.

Classy Tikli

One of the loved bridalMaang tikka designs made in gold, this simple Maang Tikka from Bengal is called Tikli that offers a minimal yet classy look.

Gold Maang Tikka designs you will love

Over-sized Maang Tikka

For the bride who wants to look her best on D-day, this is an excellent choice. Embedded with red and green precious stones, this over-sized Gold Maang Tikka design will make you stand out from the crowd.

This over-sized Maang Tikka also works well for bridesmaids who want to look alluring with minimal embellishments. Stating the obvious, you can order artificial Maang Tikkas online.

Pendant Style Maang Tikka

Suitable for women of all age groups, this pendant style Maang Tikka is the perfect headpiece for all occasions and festivals. What makes it best is that it suits all face shapes.

Pearl Maang Tikka with strings

This Pearl Mattha Patti is a fantastic choice for those who love to dare wear more. Made using gold, the sleek gold strings are embedded with pearl beads that make the wearer look stunning. Pair it with conventional attire and all eyes will be on you.

Trending Maang Tikkas this season

Meenakari Maang Tikka

One of the common wedding collections includes the Meenakari Jewellery designs. This Meenakari Gold Maang Tikka is not an exception. Loved by almost everyone, the elaborate details and finesse are sure to leave you stunned and makes a perfect choice for your traditional attire.

Bharatanatyam Maang Tikka

The Mathapatti Bharatanatyam with Sun and Moon features green, red and white precious stones that are embedded to give you full coverage of the forehead with additional embellishments on both the sides of the head.

Curved Shaped Maang Tikkas

Looking for trending Maang Tikka designs? Then, you will love this crescent-shaped or curved Maang tikkas. They are available in Kundan, Meenakari designs and steal the show.

Polki Maang Tikka

Dating back to the Mughal era, the Polki Maang Tikka features beautiful uncut diamonds which, if you look closely, are studded together giving excellent designs and shapes.

White Maang Tikka

If you want a clean, elegant Maang Tikka design with white stones (or diamonds) only, then this White Maang Tikka is perfect. It features two chains on both sides of the Mattha Patti that augments the look of the ornament.

Dangling Maang Tikka

The dangling designs on your foreheadare sure to make you look elegant, sophisticated and every bit of an ethereal bride. This Maang Tikka features danglers or drops made of pearls, beads or any other precious stones. Combined is the encrusted diamond studs that complement the droplets equally.

Diamonds with Precious Stones

Less is more!!! Picture various precious stones such as Emerald, Rubies paired with Diamonds on a base of white Gold....!!! This simple and minimal looking Maang Tikka is a class apart that will look graceful with your Mehndi or Sangeet attire.

Tear Drop Maang Tikka

If you have a small face, then the Tear Drop Maang Tikka Design is a fantastic choice that will highlight your features aptly.

Maang Tikka with Charms

Add a boho twist to your attire by incorporating lightweight charms to your Maang Tikka. It is sure to make you a trendsetter in your gang.

Purely Pearl Maang Tikka

The white pearls on magnificent on your dark hair, especially on a night function such as your Mehndi, Sangeet, or wedding reception. The layers of pearls committed to the Maang Tikka makes an amazing piece in the bridal trousseau.

Floral Maang Tikka

Floral Maang Tikkas are currently trending and make you look divinely beautiful as you blend nature on your special day. That said, Floral Maang Tikkas are usually reserved for Mehndi or Haldi ceremony.

Exclusively Shaped Maang Tikkas

Not just round or pendant shapes, you can experiment with other shapes as well. For instance, this square-shaped Maang Tikka highlights the bride's features and makes her face look angular.

Final Thoughts

We hope you loved these Maang Tikka designs and you were able to find a Mattha Patti style that works both for you as well as your bridesmaids.

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