Which fabric is best for Abaya

Published on April 04, 2022

The vital tip for choosing the best abaya for you is selecting the right fabric. There are different patterns and colors in fabric stores around you but some of them are not good for season. A wide variety of plain colours and embroidered fabrics that add elegance and beauty. Black color abaya is familiar to use muslim women.

Fabrics in Abayas used are:

Crepe fabric:

This crepe fabric is more comfortable to use for women, it is soft fabric so most of them use crepe fabric. That is why women use to design many of their own clothes such as Abayas and scarves.

Satin Fabric:

Satin fabric is usually used for making gowns in occasions and reception, but satin clothes is too hot to wear the fabric shiny and luxurious.

Chiffon Fabric:

Chiffon fabric is elegant fabrics that is used as party wear. Embroidery works and hand work is done in chiffon material such as Abayas & Burqas.

Tergal Fabric:

The market of Abayas is tergal fabric.The material is soft and coarse. The fabric look like as Royal Look.

Polyester Fabric:

The fabric is used designed Abayas, but it contains a percentage of cotton so that it is easy to wear on the body. It is easy to wash.

Cotton Fabric:

Cotton Fabric is the best material to wear in summer season. Cotton is very water absorbent, but it also dries quickly, which makes it highly moisture wicking. You can wash cotton in high heat, and this fabric drapes well on your body.

Silk Fabric:

Silk is a fabric that is mostly used to make women's clothes only. It is on the list of fabrics that have a high degree of luxury and elegance. Silk has a soft and lustrous texture that can never be resisted. It is suitable for making both summer and winter clothes. When wearing it in the summer, you will feel cool, and in the winter, you will feel warm.

Best Non-Ironing Abaya Fabrics

Japanese fabric:

The fabric is lightweight that is faint lustre and easy to clean. The material is comfortable and soft fabrics for women.

Forsan Fabric:

The fabric is non ironing material .Forsan fabric of Indonesian origin.It is one of the light fabrics that are used for black abayas in particular and loose-fitting Gulf Abayas. It is easy to clean.

Saudi Crepe:

It is more comfortable to use this material, it is luxury and elegance. The Abayas is plain in Saudi fabric.

Top Black Fabric:

The latest types of black abaya fabrics is elegance, comfort, practicality, and lightness.This is the best choice to provide you with everything you are looking for in a model.

Sequin Fabric:

The material is sparkling models,various colours,and shiny materials,which add elegance to abayas.It is used in making wedding Abayas

Linen Fabric:

Linen fabric is the best fabric to wear. But the material is coastally.linen is in fact the king of fabrics and the most important type of natural fabrics. Linen is used in making women's and men's clothes. If you suffer from any allergics skin, it is suitable to wear the linen fabric. Linen Fabric is good material to choose.

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