Top 10 Luxury Hijab Brands of 2023

Published on January 04, 2023

A sign of modesty, peace, faith and dignity, hijabs are a symbol of pride for Muslim women worldwide. With changing times, the trend of wearing a hijab too evolved. You will not only find many hijab styles and designs available but there are eco-friendly hijabs as well which you will love wearing. There are a number of high-end brands who have launched some amazing comfy collection. That said, here are top 10 luxury hijab brands of 2020 which every hijabi should be aware of.

Dolce and Gabbana

One of the most luxurious hijab brands for clothing, bags, shoes and other accessories, Dolce and Gabbana introduced this graceful hijab collection that is worth every investment. For those who want to blend modest with the trend, Dolce and Gabbana hijabs are a perfect choice. Few of the featured hijab shades include neutral black, beige color palette, floral and lime prints. Aiming middle eastern countries, Dolce and Gabbana launched their Hijab and Abaya collection that has been a great hit.


Did you know that Nike designed the first-ever athlete hijab for women who wants to compete while wearing a head hijab? At earlier times, it was difficult for Islamic athlete to be on the ground wearing a traditional hijab. Nike took this into notice and redefined modesty by creating sports hijab for women. This made Nike hijab one of the most luxurious hijab brands that are available in $35. By wearing sports hijab, women can enjoy the breathable scarf that stays in one place. This way hijabi woman doesn't need to restrict themselves and enjoy their favorite sport while wearing their hijab in full passion.

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In the last Milan Fashion Week, Gucci introduced its hijab collection that received a lot of attention. The Printed silk hijabs are the most stunning creation from their pre-fall collection. The archival designs take you back to the seventies with its lavish floral bouquet that looks truly amazing. You will also find a Gucci vintage logo printed that gives a retro-chic design inspired by the 80s. Other animal hijab prints include tiger printed silk scarfs, bugs bunny printed silk scarf and mystic cat printed silk scarfs. The price of these silk scarfs is worth approx. $400 - $500. The luxurious hijab brands are trending since Gucci launched them making you feel always in fashion.


Available in a wide variety of colorful shades, hijabs from Chanel are women's favorite. The silk hijabs are available in vibrant colors for daily wear. The fabric of Chanel hijabs is soft, silky and comfortable. You will also find Cashmere hijabs that are available in different shades such as beige, blue, pink, green and grey made using metallic fiber. These deluxe hijabs from Chanel are quite on the expensive side and cost up to $1000.

The Green Hijab

Established in Malaysia, The Green Hijab is an eco-friendly brand who made hijabs and other accessories using recycled plastic bottles. Their motto is to keep the environment clean while being skin-friendly. Even the package material is eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable. The Green Hijab offers you various enthralling shades such as Violet Tulip, Placid Blue, Hemlock and many more. The fabric is similar to chiffon which makes the hijab lightweight, comfortable, elegant and beautiful, perfect for summer wear.

Haute Hijab

Haute Hijab is undoubtedly one of the popular hijab brands that also offers a wide collection of Abayas and other accessories across the globe. Their motive is to inspire women with self-confidence and courage. Made using pure silk, tulle and lace with handcrafted pearls embedded on it, the celestial silver is a crystal-embellished hijab that gives you an elegant and regal look.

Few of the prime luxurious hijabs include The Vintage gold, The Black-tie Lace, The Rose Gold Aurora, and The Ethereal Ivory that come with embellishments such as glitter, pearls, beads, and floral lace. The price of Haute Hijab collection ranges between $200-$350.

Michael Kors

Michael Kors is one of the top fashion designer brands who has earned a top place in the hijab collection as well. Manufacturing high-quality hijabs, they are available in bright, deep and warm shades. The ombre viscose and linen hijab fall around $300-$400. Check out these amazing hijabs that are available online. Some of the attractive prints include Twinkling metallic scarf, Delicate lace print hijab, Ribbon wave etc. - Meet Singles for Marriage | Register now and find your partner


One of the global manufacturers of traditional abayas and hijabs, they provide trending hijabs using quality fabrics. Their mission is to ensure that the principles of women wear be synchronized with the surrounding environment. The hijabs used are soft, lightweight, and made from pure cotton making it absolutely safe on the skin. Hanayen hijabs are available in various shades and designs suitable for daily wear. You will also find soft hijabs that are made in France using 90% modal and 10?shmere material. Modal is a bio-based fabric that is made using beech tree cellulose thus giving you an advantage of using eco-friendly hijabs. The price range of hijabs ranges from $80-$100.

Poppy Hijab

Poppy hijab was started by a fashion designer in London who decided to mark 100 years since the first Muslim soldier was awarded the Victoria Cross for his bravery and contribution to the First World War. Hijab is a symbol of faith and freedom and Poppy Hijab is created to recognize those who fought for the country and died. Many British Muslim women wear poppy hijab to remember and honour those who sacrificed their lives. A glimpse of modesty, style and fashion, you can wear poppy hijab with a sense of pride and dignity.


Looking for modest fashion for the modern woman? Then, you have come to the right place. Inayah is one of the popular brands that offer you a huge variety of hijabs that are soft, silky and comfortable. Some of the elegant colors include Lilac grey, lilac cream, nude grey, dusty ash etc. perfect for any season.

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