Dos and Don'ts While Purchasing Abaya

Published on February 20, 2023

Abayas appear to be the most expressive attire when it comes to Muslim fashion trends. The key is in the way you carry it. Whether you view it as daytime clothing or daily attire, its distinctiveness and specialness come from your comfort and personal style.

Choosing the proper abaya, a crucial component of your wardrobe may add all the charm. This blog post will go over the dos and don'ts of purchasing an abaya so that donning one won't interfere with your sense of style. After all, while your life might not be perfect, your outfit can definitely be! If you are searching for the top site to buy Abaya online in India, then this is for you. But before that, read what you should and should not do while buying Abaya online.

Now let's go into some styling advice.

Do`s While Buying An Abaya

Being an abaya wearer is never without some hardship, but following these style tips can keep you out of any trouble:

Select The Correct Size

While purchasing an abaya, choosing the appropriate size has always been discussed. While making a purchase offline, it may be tough to carry a measuring tape. However, the technology eliminates the need for you to verify each item of clothing in a trial room. Here, you should take into account the sizing chart on the store's website. The sizes of the UK, US, and India may vary based on the region. After gaining an understanding of the differences, make your final purchase

Think About The Reason For Wearing

Considering the event for which you are purchasing an abaya is what we mean by "purpose of wearing." Whether it's an anniversary or a wedding, choose some embroidered or patterned abayas that fit the mood. On the other hand, use discreet patterns and colours for everyday wear or when making purchases for events like a straightforward family gathering.

Choices For Customization

Once you've decided why you'll be wearing the abaya, it's time to see if the website you're purchasing from offers any customizing choices. As it is a fantastic way to match consumer expectations, many manufacturers offer customization possibilities. There is nothing better than having personalized abayas delivered to your door if the maker offers that service. If you don't have this choice, choose a size that is closest to your real measurements or the right size.

Choose The Best Fabric

The fabric is a crucial consideration while selecting the proper abaya. The explanation is that you must be at ease wearing your abaya. You could be seduced by the model photographs while considering an online choice, but we advise you to carefully read the description. Remember that there is a fabric for each season and make your selection accordingly. Also, it's crucial that you feel light, comfortable, and not bulky.

Think About Your Body Type

The abaya you choose to purchase online should enhance your appearance. We advise choosing a style that is neither excessively large nor too slim. Keep in mind that balance is the key! Choose clothing that enhances your figure rather than showcasing it unpleasantly.

Don`ts While Buying An Abaya

Whether you wear an abaya every day or just want to spice things up your appearance a bit, there are several faults you can be committing that you aren't even aware of. To assist you in choosing the ideal abaya for yourself, here are a few of them:

Sweeping Abaya

It never looks good to wear an abaya that sweeps the floor, and the same logic applies to short lengths. Choose your abaya carefully and think about your styling options, including whether you want to wear heels or flats. You should always strive for a length that falls just a few centimeters below your ankle.

Ignoring The Arm's Length

When selecting an abaya, the sleeve length is equally crucial. Often, we concentrate on the hemline, but arm length can make or break an outfit. None of them will look decent if they are too long or too short. Choose an arm's length that stops exactly at your wrist instead.

Extensive Layers

It's never a good idea to load yourself up with a whole store of clothing. The same is true for layering your abaya with numerous pieces of clothes, such as an extra scarf or an undershirt for dramatic effect. The abaya should suit your shoulders, and that is a crucial factor to take into account. Also, if you want to seem ultra-glam, you can think about using a belt to accentuate your form.

Sticky Clinging

Abayas are susceptible to static cling when constructed of synthetic materials like polyester. By getting rid of your synthetic abayas, you can solve this issue. Instead, for that lovely loose fall, we advise choosing natural textiles like silk or cotton.

Its Time To Switch To A New One

When it comes to daily wear, most women immediately reach for black abayas, however, if you wear one too often, it starts to lose its sheen and colour. It's time to get a new abaya when you start noticing changes in your current one. To lengthen their longevity, you should also take the greatest care with them.

In addition, we advise you to choose some different hues and break up the monotony with some lovely pastel shades or lively hues. We're confident you'll appreciate the adjustment.

What Are The Best Places To Purchase Abayas?

Given the range of designs, fabrics, patterns, and styles available, buying an abaya online might be the most entertaining and enjoyable experience you've ever had. Consider checking out Abayakart if you're looking for distinctive designs at the greatest pricing. From abayas to hijabs, you may find a wide range of alternatives here for women, and children.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to order Abaya from Dubai Online?

You can order Abaya from Dubai online from Abayakart that offers free worldwide shipping. Choose from a wide range of selection from Abayakart

1.What is the difference between Abaya and Burqa?

Abaya is an Arabic word for a long, loose outer garment. Men and women both wear abayas. The word "burqa" is Arabic meaning a loose-fitting garment (or a group of garments worn together) that covers the head, face, torso, and occasionally, though not always, the eyes

1.How much do Abayas cost in Dubai?

Based on the style, fabric and design, abayas will cost you somewhere around AED 50-150.

1.Why is Abaya so important?

The Quranic verse generally cited as the inspiration for the abaya is "Tell your wives, daughters, and the believing women to cover themselves with a loose-fitting robe, O Prophet. As a result, they will be identified, and they won't suffer any harm "(Ahmed Ali's translation of Qur'an 33:59).

The abaya is a garment that covers a woman's body and is primarily made of black cloth. It is the greatest article of clothing for Muslims. Islam has established minimal requirements for individual modesty, which are represented in the different types of attire worn by Muslims. Muslims believe that these principles of proper conduct are ageless, despite the fact that they may appear archaic or conservative to some.

The goal is the same for both sexes: to loosely conceal the wearer's daily attire in public and mixed company outside of the immediate family. It indicates that the women are Muslimaat and that they are not subjected to harassment by particular types of males who are prone to interfering with women they believe to be their legitimate prey; more the former than the latter.

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