Buying Instant Pinless Hijabs Online

Published on December 24, 2022

Islamic women wear Hijab as a symbol of modesty and peace. It also represents the act of obedience to the Almighty. Over the years, Hijab fashion has grown quite popular with many powerful women taking hijab and Muslim fashion to new levels. Rather than being a just a piece of cloth worn over the head, hijab represents Islamic faith which is followed throughout the globe. With many hijab patterns, styles available, the headscarf can be worn in numerous ways. Instant Pinless hijabs are one of them. Read on to know more about it.

While using pins to secure hijabs are still trending, many people prefer instant hijabs, especially women on the go, travellers or mothers. This ready-to-wear instant pinless hijab gives the user the freedom to use different styles without any hassles.

Features of Instant Hijab Scarf

It is designed in such a way that the hijab enfolds itself aptly around the user's head and face. The rest of the style is determined by the user as to how she wants to get creative. You can drape it, pin it, or tuck the extra fabric along with the shirt or style in any other way you want.

Which brand to choose?


If you are looking for a brand to buy instant pinless hijabs, then Bokitta is the preferred choice. Bokitta is an international hijab and clothing brand that became the first brand to launch instant pinless hijab. This spread like wildfire and caught on worldwide. The brand even launched its latest trending instant hijab collection of pinless wrapped hijabs called TAJ (which means crown) which is available in different sizes - TAJ (in normal) and TAJ MAXI (which is longer designed for people who wish for more coverage.


This brand from Malaysia offers you an easy, instant pinless hijab. Perfect for women on the go, the Naura Ease collection offers soft, lightweight hijabs that are loved by everyone. As per the website, the entire range is made of soft georgette chiffon and its double loop instant comes with elegant curved edge. Another advantage of this hijab is it is easy to iron as well.

TudungPeople brings you lounge hijabs that provide stylish and comfortable hijab options for everyone.

If you are looking for chiffon instant pinless hijabs or cotton instant hijabs, make sure to check out our collection available online at an affordable price.

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