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Published on May 19, 2022

Abaya garments is a different kind of clothes- a loose garment Muslim women wear over their dresses. Abaya stands for Muslim apparel- fashion designers around the world. Novel cuts, creative designs, vital colours, and numerous beautifications have now transformed the abaya from a simple, shapeless cloth.

In recent years abaya has in different transformation designs they are front open, front-closed,maxi style abaya, gown style, kaftan,drape, frills & falls, etc. Not only Muslim apparel but international brands have taken an interest in the abaya fashion and made various fashion cross over into the abaya's design. Professional women abaya's huge range caters to each woman's needs accordingly.

The favourite design of abaya is Maxi Style Abaya. Most of the Islamic taken an enormous interest in the Maxi Style Abaya. This abaya dress has the same traditional touch, but the overall look gives of western attire. So,the Maxi style abaya is the first choice of girls as well as professional women in all over world.

The maxi style abayas have new designs in their patterns. So Maxi style abayas is more trendy and elegant dress in Abayas.Now you have a choice to select maxi style abayas at Abayakart.You can buy abaya easily from abayakart platform.


Embroidered maxi-style abayas are impeccable for formal occasions like weddings and festivals. You can wear maxi style abaya as casual wear for going out.


A maxi style abaya always option for an abaya whose fabric aligns with the season and weather.if you are purchase the maxi abaya,choose the abaya made from nada fabric.The lightweight material is good and you can wear comfortable it.


If you choose abaya, you can select the best colour combination for an abaya.The pastel hues are perfect for summer time maxi abayas, whereas the black and other dark colour abayas are suit for winters.


The best thing about western abaya design is that you can wear over anything girls pair maxi style, front-open abaya with jeans.The versatility of maxi style abaya is what makes it a womens favorite.

Top Maxi styles abayas in 2022


Maxi abayas are with embroidered, making it look classy. In embroidery works having patchwork and cutwork give the abaya a traditionally delicate appearance.The Zoee Pink Abaya is the best example of embroidered Maxi-style abaya. The matching hijab and lace around the borders give it a perfectly feminine look for women.


In Plain maxi style abaya having traditional and modern designs available. This simple abaya of soothing white colour with a beautiful patch. The matching hijab provides a fashionable edge look.


This maxi-style abaya looks marvellous on formal occasions such as festive and partywear. The perfect example of Embellish Maxi-style abaya is the Concetta Abaya- made from lightweight fabric in maxi-style; it provides pure modesty and fashion. These types of maxi-style abayas are in high demand.The maxi-styles are top trending in the 2022 year. Maxi-style abayas can use any occasion. you can select any event.

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