Best abaya Styles For Muslim Women

Published on October 29, 2022

Abayas are an essential piece of clothing for Muslim women. Find out what style suits you best. Discover the different types of abayas available in today. Get inspired by these beautiful designs.One of the best ecommerce website is Abayakart. Variety of abaya designs are available in abayakart. Fashionable abayas and more choice of colors are available in abayakart online shopping.There are Variety of designs Abayas are listed below:

Masha Crepe Free Size Abaya With Attached Shrug And Double Layer Sleeve in Black And Beige

Abaya are mostly black color and most of them use these familiar colors. This abaya dress is a double-layered sleeve abaya and Indian cut stiching.While wearing this kind of abaya the women looks like a princess.The material is soft and smooth.You can wash the material while use in shampoo.You can wear this abaya as casual wear while going outside.

black abaya

CEY Free Size Abaya With Beige Piping And Show Button On Front And Sleeves In Puce Pink

This abaya is a beautiful pink color and the neck of this kind of dress is round stitched dress. The material was soft and smooth. we can wash in normal and machine use also. You can use this kind of abaya at functions and any other occasion. Abaya dresses are long and fully covered dresses. This dress is a show button in front of the abaya.

pink abaya

Gulf Zoom Simple Free Size Abaya With Piping In Black And Beige

This kind of abaya dress is an arabian cut stiching.Most the arabian Muslims like these is easily wash in machine and normal wash.The material quality is good.It is free size abaya with black piping abaya.Neck of these abayas is V neck.

piping abaya

While you are shopping online abaya ,you can order abaya at abayakart.Abayakart is at your finger tips.

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