5 Tips on wearing a Printed Hijab with a Printed Top

Published on December 26, 2022

In this guide, we will be talking about 5 Tips on wearing a Printed Hijab with a Printed Top.

Loved by all but equally feared, the patterned hijab wrap is a treat to the eyes but yet intimidating for those who are not aware of how to wear it. Printed hijabs are a great way to enhance your look as they add an aesthetic appeal as well as stay classy and modest. Many people are afraid to wear printed hijabs wondering how to pair them with their outfit. One of the popular questions is "how to wear a printed hijab with a printed top?"

If you are wondering how to pair them, here are a few tips for you.

Balance the prints by wearing something solid

This is the general rule of thumb and all the outfits here abide by it. As you can see, any of the printed hijabs will work with the printed floral dress because the solid collared shirt breaks the prints from becoming too much. If the dress was long-sleeved, the prints would definitely overpower each other.

Synchronize the prints with the same

When you pair similar shapes together such as stripes and polka dots together or abstract with abstract (as you see below) in your hijab and your top, it will look amazing together. You will also note that the black blazer does an excellent job of breaking up the prints without making it look too loud.

Maintain similar colors

Keeping the colors from the same family will reduce excess prints and will look chic and refined. As you can see, the 1st and 2nd pointers are utilized well in this point. The abstract shapes with the same hues are paired with solid-colored cardigan to prevent color blast.

See how the bright yellow not only works wonderfully with the navy but also prevents the navy in the blazer and the scarf from looking too dull. The solid top also functions great to break up the prints, color is the key in this print-on-print combo.

Happening trends include bold prints such as paisley, polka dot and floral. Don't hesitate to take the risk and try the print-on-print with these amazing trends. Just follow the rules and you are sure to rock your look.

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