Top 11 ways to wear Hijab with Floral Outfits

Published on December 27, 2022

In this article, we will discuss the Top 11 ways to wear Hijab with floral outfits.

Floral Outfits add interest and peak the personality of the wearer. They are style elements that attract attention to your best features and this is why they are loved by everyone. Floral outfits in summer give off a fresh, crisp vibe that you cannot help but wear them. In fact, they are so beautiful and versatile that it works for any season. However, floral outfits have a special place in mantel for summer and spring seasons.

Latest fashion trend which celebrities and fashion bloggers adore, we give you the best ways to stay in style yet be modest.

How to wear Hijab with floral outfits

Many people are not really sure how to wear florals with hijabs and are confused about choosing the right shade or hijab style to pair with floral attire. Keeping this factor in mind, we give you few ideas so that by the end of this article, you will be a pro at flaunting floral attires effortlessly.

But before that, here are few tips to keep in mind when you wear hijab with floral outfits.

  • Choose and Combine - When you are wearing a floral outfit, make sure to pair it with the floral hijab as well. This hardly looks good. So, avoid going too much florally.
  • Floral attire with solid colored hijab - Make your floral outfit stand out by complimenting it with a plain solid-colored hijab. As they say, keep it simple.
  • Consider matching palettes - When you are trying out various combinations, make sure to choose shades of the same palette to bring out the beauty of your whole outfit.
  • Try bright colors to pop out the attire - When you choose a Floral outfit, try adding a pop of color by opting for brightest color from your outfit's print. Pair your hijab with this bold shade and matching accessories.
  • Polka Dots and Stripes - Many fashion bloggers experiment their look by synchronizing their floral outfit with stripes or polka dots. So, if you have the guts to pull it off, you are welcome to give it a try.
  • Avoid Animal print hijab - Don't ever pair animal print hijab with a floral outfit or vice versa as it won't look good together.

That said, let's take a look at stunning images and ideas on how to wear hijab.

Hijab with floral bridal wear

Bridal hijab style is evolving every day as per the new trends. Muslim wedding hijab dress basically includes the wedding attire with a gorgeous hijab scarf attached to it to look like the part of the dress. The traditional shade used is the white color. However, to enhance the look of the hijab, you can choose the trending turban-style hijab and have crochet flowers embroidered on the hijab. This will enhance the bridal wedding attire to perfection.

Hijab with Casual Floral Dress as office wear

Keep yourself cool in the hot summer with this casual floral maxi dress that keeps you comfortable at all times. Another style statement is pairing white pants with a white top, white blazer combined with pastel-colored hijab. Accessorize it with a gold watch, beige pumps, and a beige purse to complete this attire. A simple yet stunning look, you can also pair it with black pants, blazer and heels if you want to go for an all-black look. This is, however, suitable for night time shifts. Needless to say, no one wears black in the day time on a hot summer.

Hijab with African Floral style skirt

If you love wearing African prints or Ankara styled dresses, then African patterns, maxi skirts (short and long) looks good with a tee, blouse tank and the right hijab just like in this picture.

Go Monochrome with Hijab

Black and White Floral dresses are perfect for any occasion - work, party, business, picnic, family time. Black and White are undoubtedly one of the classic combinations. So why not indulge in floor-sweeping black and white maxi dress that simply looks stunning? Turn heads with this floral dress and pair it with a solid-colored hijab and high heels.

Hijab with Floral Jeans

Always have a few white shirts that go with everything. Another excellent iconic wear is a chiffon blouse, which though notable under suits, look classy and are still apt to wear. Pair a chiffon fabric hijab with your chiffon blouse for an interconnectedlook. For a business formal, it is better to opt for a neutral color pallet. Think out of the box and engage with color and crafty patterns. For instance, you can pair a statement coat with your casual clothes to pull the look effectively. Go with luxurious and appropriate hijab materials such as viscose and modal that are the flawless accessory for a modest outdoor casual outfit.

How to wear Hijab with Floral Winter Jacket

There are so many floral blazers available online that sync well both for office and evening parties. The best part of a Floral outfit is that there are myriad hues and shades available that work well with your overall outfit. As seen in this image, the floral cover-up jacket paired with a comfortable tee, dark-colored ripped skinnies and white hijab simply look chic. She has completed the look with pointed-toe pumps.

Wear Hijab with Floral Kimono

Though this look is simply perfect for spring, you can wear itin summer for fun day time with you and your friends/family. Pair it with a nude-colored hijab, jewelry, and handbag. With this Floral Kimono, you can wear sneakers or high heels. Pair it with a long/short jacket in the winter season. Trending Kimonos include Furisode, Iromuji Kimono, Komon Kimono, Tomesode Kimono, Yukata and Wedding Kimono.

Hijab with Floral Top and Skirt

Floral tops are widely popular especially in summers as they bring out the positive vibe of the sun while sealing off the cold winter. Another advantage of floral tops is that you can pair them with anything - jeans, leggings, pants, trousers, skirts etc. and you are sure to look amazing. However, the trick is to choose a lovely print in hues and the perfect fit that will look good on you.

How to wear Hijab with Floral Embroidered Gowns

If you are attending a wedding or any festive occasion, then this is an absolute stunner. Be at your best by pairing your hijab with one of the base colors in your outfit or you can also mix two different shades and opt for your underscarf and one for your hijab.

Hijab with Floral Pants

We don't think there would be anyone who wouldn't love Floral pants. Be it skinny ones, cropped pants or palazzos, floral pants look simply amazing as casual wear as well as a semi-formal attire. As a matter of fact, they really go well as office attires because when you pair them with the right top (i.e. solid colored blouse or top), they look truly professional.

How to wear Hijab with Lace or Frill Long dress

Be it your birthday or your wedding anniversary, a silk floral lace fabric dress simply is a stunner. It not only enhances your aesthetic appeal but also makes you look just gorgeous. Pair it with an off-white or cream-colored hijab and he will fall in love with you all over again.

We hope you loved our ideas on how to wear hijab with floral outfits.

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