Top Abaya Styles of 2023 - Muslim Fashion

Published on December 21, 2022

Many Hijabis are looking to find modern abayas. If you are looking for interesting abaya designs for 2020, then look no further.

Velvet Abayas

Kickstarted in 2019, these Velvet Abayas are still going strong for 2020. Many fashion bloggers such as Mariam Mohammad love velvet abayas and are flaunting it proudly. Available in different designs such as front open, these Abayas also include different fabrics such as linen.The best part of these Velvet Abayas is it works both for your afternoon and evening looks.


Two-Tone Abaya Trend

Contemporary Abaya style includes this bold two-tone design that is loved by many fashionistas. Doesn't Fatma Husam look adorable in this two-toned Abaya? We certainly love it.


Wrap Abayas

Another on the list of top Abaya Styles of 2020 is the Wrap Abayas. Look chic with this Wrap Abaya that is a must-have in your wardrobe collection for 2023. A simple, classy yet flattering design, it defines the waist while making you look comfortable and in trend. This Wrap Abaya is versatile and works for both morning and night looks.


Puff Sleeve Abaya

If you haven't seen the Puff Sleeve Abaya trend, then 2023 is the time to try this on. We just can't get over how ravishing anyone will look in these puff sleeve abayas. A style statement while reinstating the modesty of Islamic clothing law, these are few designs that is a must-have in your wardrobe. You can wear the entire sleeve puffed or choose between puffing up the lower end of the sleeve or upper at your discretion.


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