11 Modest Egyptian Brands to shop Hijabs and Abayas Online

Published on September 07, 2020

If you are an Egyptian hijabi or dress modestly, you will understand the challenges of finding a modern hijab fashion brand. Many stores don't really provide modest designs that suit your mood, taste and lifestyle. Thankfully, there are many Egyptian brands that are providing hijabis with the best modest outfits with a contemporary touch. Read on to know about 11 modest Egyptian brands from where you can shop hijab and abayas online.

The scenario in Egypt has changed over a few years. So, whatever you are looking for, you can find it easily online. Tops, dresses, shirts and wide pants apart from Abaya, hijab and underscarves are what you will find in these brands.

You can shop online, at their retail stores or showrooms. Just check their Instagram profile (accounts) and indulge in some good shopping experience.


Focusing on modern chic yet modest outfits, Nesaa brings you amazing beach dresses.

Velvet designs

Velvet Designs is one of the top fashion Egyptian brands who offer chic and casual fashion along with formal outfits as well. They have the most amazing collection of pleated dresses and skirts available in different shades.


Known to deliver loose outfits in various shades and designs, Ontha offers you excellent collection for your summer wardrobe.


Find the white collection of hijabs that are available in various designs, patterns and blend of shades (with white as the primary color) at Jude.

Prude Style

Looking for daily outfits? Prude style offers you a wide range of printed dresses, hijabs, abayas and more at an affordable price.

HK Designs

Looking for pastel-colored dresses or printed cardigans? HK Designs will provide you with the best ensemble that you are looking for.


Loaded with unique colors and prints, Chevron brings you an incredible collection of unique shades and prints that in itself is a style statement.

Sa Studio

Sa Studio is known for not only creating fantastic outfits but matching footwear as well that works for both hijabis as well as non-hijabis.


Known for its elegance, Aneeqa is one of the best modest Egyptian brands where you pick out some stunning outfits.

Hijab Boutique

As in the name, Hijab Boutique brings you some amazing hijabs devoted to sophistication and elegance.


If you love wearing maxi dresses, then Rafeya is your reliable partner. From printed cardigans to colored maxi dresses, Rafeya has everything a hijabi needs.

There you go - the best 11 modest Egyptian brands to buy hijab and abayas at a great price. Hijab and Abayas can be practical everyday outfits apart from jeans and skirts that can be worn easily and when paired with the right combination can become a style statement.

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