Top 11 Latest Hijab Styles for 2023

Published on August 15, 2020

There are a lot of women who get creative with their hijab styles. In earlier times, hijab was earlier worn in a simple style but with the times changing, trends have changed. Take a look at the Top 11 best and latest hijab styles for 2023.

Latest Hijab Fashion Ideas

If you take a look around, you will notice how creative people get with their hijab styles. Hijab was earlier worn in a simple style but with changing trends, things have changed as well. A sign of modesty and fashion, take a look at the best hijab styles for 2023.

With the outbreak of coronavirus, outdoor activities are limited. But that doesn't mean you can't look good indoors. These latest hijab styles for 2020 give you the opportunity to look amazing even though you are at home.

But before that, take a look at the most popular five types of Islamic headwear styles which have been a fashion inspiration for many Islamic fashionistas.

Hijab a traditional type of headscarf wrapped by Muslim women all over the world, especially in Europe. It acts like a headscarf that shields the head and neck but displays the face. Hijabs are available in different shades, shapes and unique patterns and designs to coordinate with women's outfits.
Abaya large, loose suited garments were worn by Muslim women to hide their body curves. Abaya is paired with a hijab or niqab.
Niqab hides a woman's face, neck, mid-chest area revealing only the eyes. A normal niqab runs down to the mid-back to cover the woman's hair and mid-chest in the front. Usually seen in Arab countries, many Muslim women worldwide love wearing Niqab.
Chador is a full body attire (usually in black color), worn by the women in the Iran region. It does not contain any buttons or clasps in the front so the woman usually holds it folded.
Burqa, many people use burqa and niqab interchangeably but a burqa is slightly different than niqab. Though Niqab hides only the face, the burqa conceals the entire body from the top of the head to the ground. It shields the whole face including the eyes (with only a mesh cloth as a see-through) and the body.

Latest Hijab Styles for 2023

Sporty look with hijab

If you love sports, sportswear hijab, then this is for you. Sports ladies hijab scarves are made using ultra-light cool technology material. An amazing product, it is lightweight and made using breathable material suitable for professional sportswomen. It is also a fantastic product for fitness freaks.

Indonesian hijab style

Known as "jilbab" in Indonesia, many Indonesian women wear hijab for a formal look at various events. In recent years, hijab fashion has become quite popular to the extent that even celebrities, non-Muslims and fashion designers experiment with hijabs. You will find many Muslim girls from Indonesia who are trending on social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram etc. They are young fashionistas and bloggers who love to experiment with different hijab styles.

Lebanese hijab style

No Islamic bride in Lebanon is complete without a white hijab that portrays its importance for Lebanese women. A fashion-conscious country, you can realize this from the fact that most of the renowned fashion designers in the world are from Lebanon. Elie Saab is one such great example. Many Islamic women in Lebanon pair their hijab with modest attires. Their hijab styles are influenced majorly by the French and they usually wear hijab in a pointed style.

Omani Hijab style

There are various types of hijab styles available and one of the popular ones is the Omani style. Though in some areas like Muscat, colorful hijabs are popular, black hijabs are the commonly used ones. In Oman, you will find hijabs with a huge range of textures, shades that are generally wrapped around the head and left hanging around the chest. Most Omanis don't use underscarves and use hijabs to create folds and layers.

Knotted Hijab style

Popular among teenagers and young girls, especially the school and college-going ones, this Knotted styled hijab is quite popular as it infuses a new style to flaunt your hijab while looking modest. There are many colors available such as solid white, red, yellow, green etc.

Emirati Hijab style

If you love Emirati fashion, then you will surely love this style. Emirati hijabs are shorter in length and worn with Abayas.

Simple and easy hijab style

If you are in a hurry, then this simple hijab style is best suited for you. It is one of the simplest and easiest hijab styles which you can wear within seconds. All you have to do is wear your underscarf and wrap the hijab around it in a circular movement.

Moroccan hijab style

The Moroccan hijab is a certain style where the hijab covers the neck as well as the head. Among the numerous types of hijabs, a Moroccan hijab is frequently found to feature bright colors. Usually, the Moroccan hijab is worn with caftan known as takchita. You can also wear Moroccan hijab style with long skirts.

Stylish layered hijab

Layered hijab styles are popular and there are dozens of YouTube video tutorials who show how to wear them proudly. The layers are quite easy to manage if you are using a stiff material and not something lightweight and slippery such as silk or chiffon. Hijabs with big width are highly recommended for this style because you need to add at least two layers and if there is still some material left, you can use it to cover the chest area.

Warm Woollen hijab for winters

As you are already covering your hair with layers of material with caps, you need not be winter-appropriate with hijabs as it will be warm and safe even if you are using a lighter fabric. However, if you do need some extra warmth, use wool hijabs. They are absolutely cozy and have a soft and smooth texture. Regardless of the style you choose, warm woollen hijabs will look good on you. Notice how the wearer chose a stunning side twist to the hijab while providing good coverage.

Fluffy and Frilly hijab style

Hijabs with frilly fabric are trending this 2020 and give off a summer/spring vibe. The material has a quality where it fluffs and stands up thus adding extra bulk. In this way, it holds itself with absolute ease. Go for light shades in this material that enhances your look.

That said, here are a few tips to remember while choosing the fabric for your hijab.

The most popular and the preferred types of hijab fabrics are Linen hijab, Shimmer hijab, Jersey hijab, Viscose hijab, Polyester Silk hijab, Knit hijab, Pashmina hijab, Athletic workout hijab, Chiffon Hijab, Crepe hijab, and satin hijab.
You can select and choose the type of fabric as per the theme, event, and the type of season of the year.
Jersey Hijab is the easiest Hijab fabric. A stretchable lightweight fabric, Jersey stays in form without the need for any safety Pins. The level of convenience makes it one of the most sought-after and reliable fabrics for hijabs. Suitable for all seasons, it wicks away quickly moisture/sweat in summer while protecting and keeping us warm in the Winter season.
Satin controls and displays light from distinctive angles, so try to avoid low-looking satin fabrics. Printed or plain, you can never go wrong with satin square hijabs or shawls. If you're new to satin hijabs, begin by using dark shades and then gradually move to the lighter ones once you achieve self-confidence.
Linen scarf gives a coolness that wraps your neck, thanks to the weave and the fiber that promotes more airflow. The structure stays off from your skin thus providing more airflow over your body keeping you cool and free from sweat. A stiff fabric, linen is less likely to stick to your skin; when it billows off, it instantly dries out and becomes cool again. Fresh to touch, the linen fabric dissipates moisture easily from your skin by wicking it away. Pashmina Hijab has their look and beauty. Regardless you are planning to wear it for a party, social event or casual wear, you don't have to think twice. It can be a bit hot to wear in the summers but they are ideal for other seasons.

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